What is it?

It's a program that will check all of your Meka roms (SMS, GG, SC, SG, SF7 & Coleco), zipped or unzipped, against its own lists. Lists for other formats are currently under construction, help would be welcome. You can then:

  • Delete the duplicates
  • Rename the roms so their filenames match their names as shown in meka.nam, both inside and outside zips
  • Trim the overdumps
  • Remove unnecessary headers and footers
  • Fix some of the bad dumps
  • Move them to the folders of your choice, sorting them by type as you go
  • Individually zip or RAR them
  • ...and unzip/unRAR them


SMS Checker 0.81 (666KB)

Older versions

Download the latest ROM data files here.

What's new

  • 6/4/05 Datafile update
    Datafiles are constantly updated; I also updated the main download with the latest ones, but everyone should be updating frequently.
  • 12/10/04
    You know, there have been lots of updates to the data files. I'm aware of some problems with the folder tree, so I'll try to fix them when I can; for now, if it acts weird then restarting usually does the trick. Anyway, I just did a big update - get the datafiles manually, or use the in-program update to check which are needed. I also updated the datafiles in the main download, just to be helpful.
  • 28/7/03 0.81
    Whoa! An update! Improved handling of duplicates when fixing roms; added RAR support; fixed a bug in the Sort function; added "Set all" button for Sort; ported to Delphi 7 and fixed all known issues caused by the process; improved Windows XP visual style support; improved program icon; brought rom databases up to date; added a cool splash screen now it's really slow to load.

Older changes

Other systems

These are some extra romdata files which I am not supporting as actively as the official ones included in the main download. They might not be as up-to-date.

  • Sega 32X (1KB) - uses names from G3
  • Smeg (11KB) - Master System and Game Gear rom subset (no bad dumps/overdumps etc), with ISO 9660 compatible names, for use with Smeg, a Dreamcast emulator for those two systems. Fix the roms first using the main romdata files.