LZO1x-999 compressor for MiniLZO

LZO is an open-source, portable, lightweight, fast compression format. MiniLZO is an even smaller subset for use in small programs (eg. on consoles). This program is for compressing data for use in such programs. It doesn't claim to be fast or efficient, but it does try to compress things as well as it can and works well for me.

Source is GPL, probably (viral effect).

LZO 1x-999 commandline compressor for MiniLZO, including source (10KB)

Win32 SoX 12.17.7 with MP3 support

SoX (Sound eXchange) is a sound processing commandline tool for *nix. Sometimes you want to use it in Windows, eg. for GBA GSM Player. Most builds you find online don't include MP3 support, which sucks because most of your music is in MP3 format. So here's a build that does. I don't know much about it apart from that it does transcode MP3s to GSM format - maybe it needs Cygwin or MSVCRT*, I forget. I didn't modify any source code, just link in the necessary libs.

Please do not direct link, and host the file yourself if possible.

SoX + MP3 (248KB)