What is it?

It’s a program that can converts BMP, PNG, PCX and GIF format images into raw or compressed 8×8 pixel separated-bitplane tile data suitable for inclusion in SMS and GG homebrew programs. At the same time, it optimises duplicate tiles, creates a tilemap to recreate the original image and converts the palette for you.

BMP2Tile on GitHub

Compressor plugins on Github


BMP2Tile 0.41 (450KB)

Older versions

What’s new

  • 3/9/15 0.41
    Fixed the export of tile map data with extended settings (flags, non-zero start index); now bundling all compressor plugins
  • 18/3/09 0.40
    Rewrote the tile/tilemap code, it’s much faster now; added plugin support; removed 1/2/3bpp output support, plugins can do that now.
  • 4/4/05 0.35
    Fixed a stupid bug with 8-bit images; modified demo to use more varied source images to help with testing, and included source that got left out of 0.34.

Older changes