An "update" of the classic arcade game, with pseudo-3D graphics and... not much else to say for itself. The ghost logic is certainly not as challenging as the original and the 3D perspective makes for some unfair collision detection. But at least it looks 1990s instead of 1980s.

Brief game guide

Eat all the yellow dots. Avoid the ghosts. Large dots turn the ghosts blue, and then you can eat them.


  • U/D/L/R = change direction
  • 1/2 = jump

Block Town

Block Town 1 (10KB, GetAttachDims)

Coin World (secret level)

Coin World (10KB, GetAttachDims)

Pac-Man's Park

Pac-Man's Park 1 (13KB, GetAttachDims) Pac-Man's Park 2 (14KB, GetAttachDims)

Sandbox Land

Sandbox Land 1 (10KB, GetAttachDims) Sandbox Land 2 (10KB, GetAttachDims)

Jungly Steps

Jungly Steps 1 (11KB, GetAttachDims) Jungly Steps 2 (11KB, GetAttachDims)

Levels start repeating...

Block Town 2 (10KB, GetAttachDims) Block Town 3 (10KB, GetAttachDims) Block Town 4 (10KB, GetAttachDims)
Pac-Man's Park 3 (13KB, GetAttachDims) Pac-Man's Park 4 (13KB, GetAttachDims) Pac-Man's Park 5 (14KB, GetAttachDims)
Sandbox Land 3 (10KB, GetAttachDims) Sandbox Land 4 (10KB, GetAttachDims)
Block Town 5 (10KB, GetAttachDims)
Jungly Steps 3 (11KB, GetAttachDims) Jungly Steps 4 (11KB, GetAttachDims)
Block Town 6 (10KB, GetAttachDims)


Ending (561B, GetAttachDims)

Well done!

You have completed all the rounds of Pac-Mania

You can now start the game again without resetting your score!