This is a program which, when you add an uncompressed VGM file, will play it on a real system (using a devcart) or in an emulator. Features include:

  • Plays YM2413 and PSG VGMs (where supported)
  • Looping
  • Playback controls - play/pause, stop, fast forward
  • Time display
  • Four visualisations - PSG channel VU meters, PSG spectrum analyser, Piano-matic, Dancing snow
  • System speed autodetection and compensation
  • Plays large VGM files using paging
  • Saves settings in battery-backed RAM (if supported; graceful failure if not)
  • Shows GD3 tags
  • User-selectable interface colour scheme

Please read the documentation to learn how to use it.


VGM player (16KB)

Source (53KB)