Wonder Boy in Monster Land


I loved Wonder Boy 3 the first time I played it and I still love it. Some time after completing it, I got Wonder Boy in Monster Land and I was somewhat disappointed - it couldn’t live up to its sequel. But... when I got to the end and realised that the two games directly lead into one another, I realised what a touch of genius that was, a crossover rarely seen since. That’s not to say it’s not a great game, just a little old-fashioned.

The hardest part of the game is its final stage, a castle maze where taking the wrong turn will almost always take you far back in the maze. It’s deeply infuriating but after a while, I had commited the route to memory :) Sadly, it’s fallen out somewhere over the last 10 years or so, I had a hard time getting to the end this time, even with savestates :(

Note that due to its nature, the final level map is HUGE. I’ve marked on all the loop-backs, which took ages. It also overlaps itself in a few places - you have to follow the green arrows, all the others are loop-backs to various degrees (the redder the more severe).

Brief game guide

Read the story in the game. This game rocks!


  • L/R = walk
  • D = magic
  • 1 = sword
  • 2 = jump
  • Pause = status

City of Wonder Land

City of Wonder Land (5KB, 976×176)

Valley of Peace

Valley of Peace (23KB, 3008×416)

Wizard’s Castle

Wizard's Castle (14KB, 1280×880)

City of Baraboro

City of Baraboro (14KB, 2176×352)

Mam Desert

Mam Desert (21KB, 2336×496)

Pyramid of Sphinx

Pyramid of Sphinx (13KB, 2176×352)

Pororo Islands

Pororo Islands (19KB, 2800×528)

Village of Cacti

Village of Cacti (23KB, 3328×368)

Floating City of Tonnovia

Floating City of Tonnovia (30KB, 2816×1264)

Ice Castle

Ice Castle (10KB, 2608×176)

Undersea Kingdom of Catfish

Undersea Kingdom of Catfish (44KB, 3872×1536)

Labyrinth of No End

Labyrinth of No End (104KB, 4596×2822)


  • 21/9/2009
    Merged some maps, added missing tile columns to most.