What is it?

VGM is a format for logging various video games' music from within an emulator. You can learn more about that in the SMS Power! music section. This is an input plugin for Winamp 2 and 5 (but not 3) that plays back VGM files.



  • Plays back all supported chips (TI SN76489/96 with stereo extensions, YM2413, YM2512, YM2151)
  • World-beating PSG engine with 100% accurate output
  • Customisable output options to suit your taste
  • EQ compatible
  • Full Unicode GD3 tag support including Japanese text display on supporting OSes
  • Per-channel muting (not on all chips)
  • Loop support
  • And more...


Final versions

Beta and test versions

Sega 8-bit VGM files