Cool Spot


Based on an American advertising mascot for 7 Up, a fairly repellent soft drink, this platform game was developed and released fairly simultaneously on Mega Drive, Master System, Game Gear, Amiga, PC and some Nintendo consoles too, back in 1993-94. All 7 Up branding was removed from the non-US versions of the game.

The game plays at a rather unpleasant 15-20fps, perhaps due to its unusual way of scrolling (it rewrites the entire screen whenever you scroll more than 8 pixels). This is somewhat made up for by excellent graphics and the fact the it's actually quite tricky, for a 1990s SMS platformer.

Brief game guide

Shoot everything, collect the red "spots". Get enough and you can finish the level by shooting the lock on the cage at the end. Get more and you can get into the bonus game. In there, get a letter (from the word VIRGIN) to get a continue.


  • L/R = walk
  • D = crouch/look down/climb down
  • U = look up/climb up
  • 1 = jump
  • 2 = shoot, aim using the D-pad

Shell Shock

Shell Shock (64KB, GetAttachDims)

Pier Pressure

Pier Pressure (125KB, GetAttachDims)

Off The Wall

Off The Wall (118KB, GetAttachDims)

Radical Rails

Radical Rails (138KB, GetAttachDims)

Wading Around

Wading Around (65KB, GetAttachDims)

Back to the Wall

Back to the Wall (123KB, GetAttachDims)

Dock and Roll

Dock and Roll (92KB, GetAttachDims)

Surf Patrol

Surf Patrol (71KB, GetAttachDims)

Bonus stages

Bonus Stage 1 - V (17KB, GetAttachDims) Bonus Stage 2 - I (18KB, GetAttachDims) Bonus Stage 3 - R (20KB, GetAttachDims) Bonus Stage 4 - G (23KB, GetAttachDims) Bonus Stage 5 - I (24KB, GetAttachDims) Bonus Stage 6 - N (22KB, GetAttachDims) Bonus Stage 7 (24KB, GetAttachDims)