This is a program that will take this:

A Winamp classic skin with the transparent bits coloured the same

and generate this:

Lots of numbers

so you can make Winamp look like this:

Or probably even better... The point is, it's transparent.

The difference to other tools is... it's automatic and 100% accurate.


  • 100% accurate region data - no transparent pixels shown, no non-transparent pixels hidden.
  • Virtually unlimited complexity
  • Load or paste image for processing
  • Choose any transparent colour
  • Test results in program
  • Save results to text file or copy to clipboard
  • It's free!
  • It's open source!
  • No registry settings, installer, uninstaller... just unzip anywhere
  • 11/3/01 Fixed bug where it would appear off-screen on 800x600 desktops
  • 31/3/01 Fixed paste bug


Winamp region.txt generator (152KB)

Source (Delphi 3, 9KB)