Micro Machines


Racing toy cars with the emphasis on fun... one of the last games on the Master System, one of the rarest, and one of the best :) No matter that it's a NES conversion, it's better than the NES version and arguably better than the 16-bit versions too. In two-player mode it can't be beaten.

Brief game guide

Race! In Challenge mode, come first or second to proceed; win three times in a row for a bonus race. In Head to Head mode, get a screen ahead of your opponent four times more than he does it to you.


  • L/R = rotate
  • 1 = accelerate
  • 2 = brake/reverse


  • U2D22L222 on title screen = level select
  • UDLRL2U on title screen = hard mode
  • UDLRL2UU2U on title screen = rock hard mode
  • Reverse over the finishing line in the Qualifying Race, in first place, for turbo cars
  • Do one lap of The Breakfast Bends backwards to win every race
  • Press 1+2 at the top-left corner of The Breakfast Bends table for explosive opponents
  • Reverse off the top-right corner of The Breakfast Bends table for slower opponents
  • Drive off the bottom-right corner of The Breakfast Bends table for infinite lives
  • Press 1+2 while in the orange juice puddle in the middle of The Breakfast Bends table for super skids
  • Reverse into holes in 2-player mode to reveal some unusual bugs in the game...
  • ...and take every short-cut you can, especially in Head to Head.

Qualifying Race

Qualifying Race (34KB, GetAttachDims)

The Breakfast Bends

The Breakfast Bends (22KB, GetAttachDims)

Desktop Drop-Off

Desktop Drop-Off (115KB, GetAttachDims)

Oilcan Alley

Oilcan Alley (167KB, GetAttachDims)

Sandy Straights

Sandy Straights (250KB, GetAttachDims)

Oatmeal in Overdrive

Oatmeal in Overdrive (56KB, GetAttachDims)

The Cue-Ball Circuit

The Cue-Ball Circuit (44KB, GetAttachDims)

Handyman's Curve

Handyman's Curve (173KB, GetAttachDims)

Bermuda Bathtub

Bermuda Bathtub (113KB, GetAttachDims)

Sahara Sandpit

Sahara Sandpit (285KB, GetAttachDims)

Fruit-Juice Follies

Fruit-Juice Follies (83KB, GetAttachDims)

Foamy Fjords

Foamy Fjords (114KB, GetAttachDims)

Bedroom Battlefield

Bedroom Battlefield (61KB, GetAttachDims)

Pitfall Pockets

Pitfall Pockets (45KB, GetAttachDims)

Pencil Plateaux

Pencil Plateaux (197KB, GetAttachDims)

The Dare-Devil Dunes

The Dare-Devil Dunes (264KB, GetAttachDims)

Perilous Pit-Stop

Perilous Pit-Stop (169KB, GetAttachDims)

Wide-Awake War-Zone

Wide-Awake War-Zone (107KB, GetAttachDims)

Crayon Canyons

Crayon Canyons (254KB, GetAttachDims)

Soap-Lake City!

Soap-Lake City! (134KB, GetAttachDims)

Chalk-Dust Chicane

Chalk-Dust Chicane (86KB, GetAttachDims)

Go For It!

Go For It! (113KB, GetAttachDims)

Bonus Race 1

Bonus Race 1 (141KB, GetAttachDims)

Bonus Race 2

Bonus Race 2 (179KB, GetAttachDims)

Bonus Race 3

Bonus Race 3 (196KB, GetAttachDims)