• 6/4/05 Datafile update
    Datafiles are constantly updated; I also updated the main download with the latest ones, but everyone should be updating frequently.
  • 12/10/04
    You know, there have been lots of updates to the data files. I'm aware of some problems with the folder tree, so I'll try to fix them when I can; for now, if it acts weird then restarting usually does the trick. Anyway, I just did a big update - get the datafiles manually, or use the in-program update to check which are needed. I also updated the datafiles in the main download, just to be helpful.
  • 28/7/03 0.81
    Whoa! An update! Improved handling of duplicates when fixing roms; added RAR support; fixed a bug in the Sort function; added "Set all" button for Sort; ported to Delphi 7 and fixed all known issues caused by the process; improved Windows XP visual style support; improved program icon; brought rom databases up to date; added a cool splash screen now it's really slow to load.
  • 6/11/02 Another datafile update
    I accidentally missed a few little things out of the last one.
  • 4/11/02 Datafile update (I'm still not dead!)
    Use the update feature in the program to find what you need to update, or get the files manually from here.
  • 22/4/02 Datafile update
    Use the update feature in the program to find what you need to update, or get the files manually from here.
  • 15/4/02 0.8
    Icons now change when you change system; increased the file buffer from 2KB to 1MB, for a speed increase; improved zip scanning code; added a button to rename roms inside zips; added a button/menu item to test zips; upgraded toolbar so now you can move and resize stuff; reorganised Options menu a bit; window now remembers if it was maximised or minimised; update feature handles failure to open the browser better; improved highlighting code to avoid small scrolling; increased information shown in statusbar; fixed a bug in the unzipping code; fixed various minor and cosmetic bugs; you can now double-click on a rom to open it
  • 1/3/02
    Data file update - use the update menu item in the program
  • 19/2/02 I'm not dead!
    I need beta testers for my secret new feature. Please email me if you are able to help.
  • 25/9/01 0.76
    Fixed bug where read-only zips would not be deleted after unzipping; improved zip error handling, thanks to Azul for suggesting I see what corrupted zips do; fixed a bug when changing the extension of the file inside a zipfile; added activity logging; made readme window non-modal so you can keep it open and continue to use the rest of the program; added an option to have bigger, captioned buttons; fixed a bug where certain wrong file extensions were sometimes incorrectly included; executable is now UPX compressed; added various new roms
  • 1/9/01 0.75a
    Fixed a bug which could cause the previous version to hang in some circumstances
  • 1/9/01 0.75
    Fixed "Properties" routines from the popup menu; speeded up "What you don't have" listing; worked a lot on new format lists; added "Work in background" button; right-click popup menu is much faster now; added various new releases; first "new" data files added
  • 14/8/01 0.74a
    Fixed a bug which caused [Translation] to appear on the "what you don't have" list when it shouldn't.
  • 11/8/01 0.74
    Changed data file field separator to tab to allow commas in names in future; fixed a bug where renaming would report the wrong number of renames when more than one pass is needed; removing roms no longer leaves unusable buttons enabled; replaced some old and buggy code that could cause problems before; you can now run all operations (rename, etc) on just the selected roms, using the popup menu; fix operation will now fix roms with the wrong extension; first steps towards data file extensibility, which will allow adding of data for new formats without needing a new program; fixed online update page which turned out not to work properly; added the "new" GoodCol dumps, which were again mis-classified; made a minor tweak which should make scanning a bit faster
  • 18/7/01 0.73
    Added online update checking facility; added a load of wrong-extension roms; added multi-pass renaming; fixed a bug where the Filename column could be wrong after a Move operation
  • 16/7/01
    Another update with the latest SMS Power releases and some minor fixes
  • 9/7/01
    And another data file update, I've been getting plenty of information from you guys recently :)
  • 8/7/01
    Another data file update; and it's my birthday :)
  • 7/7/01
    Data file update
  • 2/7/01 0.72b
    Removed hacks and demos from the what-you-don't-have listing. Really, there's no point to them, the hacks are stupid and the demos aren't games; added the necessary roms to again surpass GoodGG and GoodCol, including fix data for bad dumps; updated with Meka name changes again; I'm looking for help clearing up the Colecovision dumps - most have signs of being overdumped and/or bad dumps. I may include overdump fixing in a later version. Email me if you can help...
  • 27/6/01 0.72a
    Added the various roms necessary to again surpass GoodSMS; note that most were mis-classified by Cowering; as usual I forgot to update the version number in the program last time
  • 24/6/01 0.72
    Updated for Meka 0.57 name tweaks; added two GGFTP GG baseball games, two Chuck Rock 2 dumps and some bad and wrong extension SMS roms; fixed the mouseover hint on the Move button; Listview popup hints now wrap if possible to avoid going out of the window (and potentially offscreen); renamed Filename column to Location, so I could add a Filename column which contains no path information, as requested by Bock; reclassified Mortal Kombat [B] after giving Bock the cartridge to redump; improved "remove from list" code a lot - duplicates are now reclassified if necessary, fixed a bug where the same file could appear twice; started referring to Zoop as Bock, just to confuse matters; added GG Last Action Hero
  • 2/5/01 0.71a
    Reclassified "Micro Machines" good and bad dumps; updated minor things I forgot to update in 0.71
  • 28/4/01 0.71
    Added "Fantastic Dizzy", "Majesco GG BIOS", 5 new bad SMS dumps; fixed behaviour when dropping files onto window (it had stopped changing to file's folder)
  • 22/4/01 0.70
    Listview now shows hints for clipped items; added Unzip button; added Facemaker good dump, Sylvan Tale translations, Mod2PSG demos; changed folder tree component (thanks to Rodrigo Amaro for helping), should solve problems for people who had no folder tree before
  • 10/4/01 0.69
    Added more statusbar and progress bar reporting; added 6 headered and footered SMS roms thanks to Ricardo; improved file attribute tinkering so now read-only, hidden and system attributes are cleared when necessary; results window now flickers less when resized minimising the Results window now minimises the whole program; fixed bug which limited the length of bad dump fix data that could be handled (my bad); added 11 bad GG dumps, with fix data; added the latest SMS Power! release
  • 1/4/01 0.68
    Fixed Type sorting again; added 21 "new" roms; some minor internal tweaking
  • 27/3/01 0.67
    Column sorting now reset when roms are added; added some homebrew roms; added font selection dialogue; status bar now updates when building folder list; Type column sorting much improved; fixed incorrect author information for homebrew/demos; "Rom properties" window now shows additional information for homebrew/demos and hacks; "What-you-don't-have" listing now includes BIOSes; you can now choose the zip compression method to use.
  • 12/3/01 0.666
    The coincidence of 666 known SMS roms and a previous version number of 0.66 proved too much for me, so I did an Evil Release.
  • 9/3/01 0.66
    Added BIOSes as a new rom type; fixed lockup when fixing hacks; tweaked code in zipping loop for aesthetic reasons; updated the readme a bit
  • 8/3/01 0.65
    Added more roms thanks to Mike Cukan, also BIOSes and Heliophobe's fixed Y2Kode demo
  • 3/3/01 0.64
    Fixed some tiny bugs; added three unreleased roms and two Y2Kode demos
  • 7/2/01 0.63
    Overdump names improved; speeded up CRC code; reclassified the bad Street Fighter dumps as bad; revamped interface; replaced all code that used to create batch files with in-program code; carefully tweaked code so re-scans are no longer required; added status bar and progress bar; added options for new functions - what to do after working on roms, whether to delete duplicates to the recycle bin; updated the readme a lot due to the new interface and functionality
  • 11/1/01 0.62
    Added popup hints for clipped text; added resizing ability; added options menu and some options to put in it; rewrote Zip scanning code for a major speed increase; replaced file scanning code; unlocked "What-you-don't-have" listing; revamped Results listing; added CRCs; added SF7 support.
  • 14/12/00 0.61
    Fixed a bug, changed batch filenames to more useful long names, changed INI filename, no more helper.exe.
  • 13/12/00 0.6
    Meka 0.55 released, so I can finally release SMS Checker 0.6. Fixed bug where you couldn't use root folders as favourites; fixed bug where folders with the System attribute didn't show up; duplicates listbox now highlights the most recently added duplicate; when renaming, extensions are now converted to lowercase instead of staying the same as the original file; reinstated commandline support; re-wrote readme.txt; changed to Windows native unsizable window style; added more roms; updated names to Meka 0.55's meka.nam.
  • 23/10/00
    Added some roms; re-classified some roms; got rid of CRC listbox; added "Open folder" command to popup menu; converted to 32 bit.
  • 10/10/00
    Added several more roms; settings are now saved to an INI file; you can now keep the various tools (SMSFix, etc) in any folder; you can now batch zip your roms; added favourite folders popup menu; added full zip support for external programs.
  • 6/10/00
    Lots of new rom data - now more than GoodXXX; keyboard shortcuts.
  • 5/10/00
    Added drag-drop support; more tweaking; lots more rom data.
  • 4/10/00
    Updated data files; minor tweaks.
  • 30/9/00
    Directory and folder listboxes now show LFNs.
  • 28/9/00
    Merged data files (there's now one data file per system); tweaked data.
  • 26/9/00
    Updated with Meka 0.55's name changes; fixed some errors; lots of new glyphs; rearranged interface again after putting batch options in a list.
  • 21/9/00
    Added ByteFix support and rearranged interface to fit in another button.
  • 20/9/00
    Added CRCs, refined rom lists, added graphics for all systems.
  • 9/9/00
    Added a refresh button and some glyphs; added more CRCs.
  • 8/9/00
    Finished adding info boxes on batch creation; minor update to SMS rom list.
  • 6/9/00
    Added loads of SMS roms; made and added support for SMSTrim; you can now move your roms according to their type.
  • 31/8/00
    Better reporting of unknown roms, as I've found I need more information; added some roms (including Captain Silver (USA)); initial 'wrong extension' support.
  • 30/8/00
    I got Netscape. Man, it sucks. Anyway, I made modifications to these pages so they look right in Netscape. By modifications I mean I fixed all the times when a NS bug makes it forget the font it's supposed to be using, and removed the bits NS won't render properly. Believe me, I spent hours trying to make them work. Roll on NS6.
  • 25/8/00
    Added stuff, fixed stuff. Can't be bothered to update everything, GG support is much better.
  • 20/8/00
    Added 1 rom; made batch files self-deleting; added limited LFN support under Win9x (but still works under Win 3.1); realised SG-1000 and OMV roms are the same; auto-name changing; integral zip support (DLL no longer required); optional subdirectory checking.
  • 15/8/00
    Fixed bug in popup hints; added more demos and hacks.
  • 15/8/00
    Borland Database Engine error fixed, multi-format support, more reporting, SMSFix support.
  • 13/8/00
    Added 24 hacked roms, fixed tiny bug.
  • 13/8/00
    Brought back non-zip support, added 8 demo roms.
  • 12/8/00
    Added Zip support, weeded out two errant GG roms.
  • 31/7/00
    Thoroughly checked names; added 40ish new roms; added popup hints for clipped text.