The Lucky Dime Caper


One of the classic Master System Disney licensed platformers, this game s actually quite hard in the later stages; it makes up for it by giving you lots of extra lives. The artwork is nicely done, with more detail than most games. It’s just a shame they couldn’t have taken a little extra care to make things line up better.

The multiple weapons are a nice try, but apart from a few places where it has a huge advantage, the discus is mostly rubbish and the hammer works better. Having a rotating attack - that goes behind Donald before attacking in front - is also quite unusual.

Brief game guide

Watch the intro for the story. Collect stars to speed up your weapon, and to become temporarily invincible when you get five.


  • L/R = walk
  • D = duck (!)
  • 1 = use weapon
  • 2 = jump


The Northern Woods

The Northern Woods (28KB, 3840×192)

The Great American Forest

The Great American Forest (60KB, 3360×1056)

The Andes Mountains

The Andes Mountains (144KB, 11360×3296)

The Tropical Isles

The Tropical Isles (92KB, 6224×848)

The Pyramids

The Pyramids (63KB, 5376×880)

The South Pole

The South Pole (104KB, 4608×1408)

Magica’s Castle

Magica's Castle (110KB, 3424×2672)