Enduro Racer


A 45° re-imagining of the 3D arcade game, this is one of the SMS's early hits.

The Japanese original version (mapped here) has twice as many stages as the export release and also has a cool title screen graphic.

The maps are all on one image because it's smaller that way. Still pretty big though.

Brief game guide

Get to the end, pass as many competitors as possible.


  • L/R = steer
  • U/D = lean forwards/backwards
  • 1 = brake
  • 2 = accelerator

All stages

All Stages (3.8MB, GetAttachDims)


Ending (10KB, GetAttachDims)

You finally made it!
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You successfully completed all of the stages!
Record 0'0"00

"Enduro" is a symbolic journey through life via the media of a race.

The results are insignificant and what really counts is competing.

Of particular importance are the lessons to be learned concerning one's self from the various encounters you experience along the way.

There is no victor or loser in this test of endurance.

The only thing that matters is that you make a commitment to begin the long and trying trek.

This game is then dedicated to all of the "life riders" who have started out on the solitary trip to find their own individual limits.

Last, but not least, may we sincerely congratulate you on a perfect run.

The End