Desert Strike


An impressive conversion to the SMS, with nice large (and isometric!) maps. The subject matter was a little controversial (being not-so-loosely based on the first Gulf War), but the game itself is a reasonably intelligent tactical shooter.

These maps show the game as it appears when you start the mission. The scenery may change in some places during the game, for example the appearance of a submarine at the end.

Brief game guide

Read the mission briefings, go through all the menus in the Pause screen, and complete the missions.


  • U/D/L/R = move
  • 1/2/1+2 = shoot
  • Pause = see mission details/instructions/map/etc

Air Supremacy

Air Supremacy (328KB, GetAttachDims)

Scud Buster

Scud Buster (352KB, GetAttachDims)

Embassy City

Embassy City (349KB, GetAttachDims)

Nuclear Storm

Nuclear Storm (355KB, GetAttachDims)


Credits (8KB, GetAttachDims)

Desert Strike from Domark

By The Kremlin

Michael A Carr
Graphic Artists
Matthew Hicks
Micky Adams
Frigate by
Saurav Sarker
Utilities by
Chris West
Colin Carter
Music composed by
Andy Taylor
Sound effects by
Produced by
Darren Anderson
Original game by
Mike Posein
Paul Vernon and John Manley

Copyright 1992 Electronic Arts