• 22/7/2010 Hello World fixed
    I had broken the first "Hello World!" demo code! And it only took 10 months for someone to notice. Good to know my work isn't for nothing...
  • 17/9/2009 Lesson 1 re-re-completed
    I wrote the last few extra pages explaining the various bits of VDP data (beyond the "mysterious blobs" in Lesson 1).
  • 13/9/2009 Lesson 1 re-completed, highlighter updated
    I finished the conversion of lesson 1 (mostly); the later parts are substantially rewritten, to simplify the first cut, make the enhancements more exciting and to explain some things in more detail. I also updated the ConTEXT highlighter to match the current version of WLA DX - the old one was missing quite a few directives and their parameters.
  • 28/8/2009 Some updates!
    Wow, has it been that long? I'm moving the tutorial into this new split-up (private) wiki style, which allows me to edit it much more easily, as well as to make some changes based on the feedback I've received. There's a much more detailed section on assembly concepts up now, while the rest remains unconverted.
  • 17/3/2005 Updated WLA DX, highlighter
    Like I said. The ConTEXT WLA DX Z80 highlighter is my latest version and the WLA DX Z80 Win32 binaries are the most recent too.
  • 19/10/2004 Minor updates
    I fixed some inconsistencies in style and added anchors.
  • ?/?/2003 Lesson 2
    It seems I forgot to mention when I finished Lesson 2.
  • 11/2/2003 Updated highlighter
    I updated the ConTEXT WLA DX Z80 highlighter to fix a few bugs and make it fully up-to-date.
  • Before I bothered to keep note
    I updated the WLA DX binaries, the compiler batch file, some errors/typos in lesson 1 and a whole lot more.