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Active since 1997, we are an international force of enthusiasts interested in the following gaming/computer systems:

And their regional variants (Korean Samsung Gam*Boy, Taiwanese Aaronix consoles, etc.). All generally referred to as "Sega 8-bit" systems, being 8-bit Z80 CPU based Sega systems.

Our project:



Sega AI Computer: 4 new dumps!

Posted Sat May 25, 2024 1:59 pm by Bock

A followup to our Sega AI Computer: first dumps, system roms, scans, recordings & more post.

We have discovered new software:

Eigo no Uta (えいごのうた) Card 1 and 2. Part of English Wonder School series, comes on two cards + two cassettes... but we only could find the cards so far. They are dumped and were added to MAME recently (will in upcoming release) but with the missing cassettes the software is not properly emulated.

It's likely that this has another subtitle, just like Eigo De Game and Eigo De Ohanashi have longer titles, but those are only written on the game packaging and we haven't found it yet.

We have also discovered that Pinpon Numbers, Pinpon Music Rhythm and Pinpon Music Melody were released on White MyCards, likely in 1989 (but it might have been end of 1988). I don't own packaging, manual or overlay so cannot confirm exact date as written on manual yet.

Pinpon Numbers use the same ROM data, but the two others have updated versions on the MyCard.

The main page has been updated with all downloads.

Competitions 2024 entries & 4 new dumps!

Posted Wed May 01, 2024 9:24 pm by Bock

Last month was our 27th anniversary (!!!). We were unfortunately both busy to update the news but our yearly Competitions went on and very strongly:

* Main competition thread

19 coding/game entries!
* Alter Ego (SMS)
* Bomb Jack Remake (SMS)
* Crazy Pinball (SMS)
* Cut Man (SG)
* Dithering Demo (SMS)
* FullSex (US) - The Game (SMS)
* Find The Wordy Gems (SMS)
* Goblin Kart Rescue (SMS)
* Mai Nurse (SMS) and (GG)
* Land On My Base (SMS)
* Raposa Do Sol (SMS)
* River Strike (SMS)
* SMS VGM Player 2.0 (SMS)
* SN76489 TestRom (SMS) and (SG, GG)
* Spaghetti Numbers (SMS)
* Stygian Quest (SMS)
* Sushi Nights (SMS) and (GG)
* The Sword Of Stone (GG)
* YM-2413 TestRom (SMS)
(see results)

6 music entries!
* Battle Squadron (SMS VGM)
* Delight (SMS VGM)
* Doki Doki Heartstopper (SMS SMS+FM VGM)
* First Strike On 8 bits (SMS VGM)
* Last Escape (SMS VGM)
* supermodel. (SMS VGM)
(see results)

5 hacks entries!
* Barn 51 (AKMW hack)
* Gaylex Kidd in Rainbow World (AKMW hack)
* Mônica e a Sereia do Rio (Wonder Boy hack)
* Oh-No! More Lemmings (Lemmings hack)
* Scourge The Hedgehog (Sonic The Hedgehog hack)
(see results)

In addition, although we missed the typical March 27th date for rom releases, we have four new roms to share.

A new prototype for Blade Eagle 3-D for the Master System, dubbed "Proto 1". In 2005 we released a another prototype of Blade Eagle, now dubbed "Proto 0" for being an early prototype. The new prototype is closer to the final release.

Taiwanese version of Orguss for the SG-1000! Since my trip in Taiwan in 2010 when Wenli helped me uncover a whole world of Aaronix releases, I kept finding new ones but at a relatively slow pace. However we've been missing the Taiwanese-modified version of Orguss with a Chinese title screen. I kept looking for a regular Aaronix release, but only found alternate versions (one with a generic label showing 8 games artwork, holding a normal rom), never a regular Aaronix version. Some time ago I stumbled on a batch of Doki Doki Penguin Land cartridges... guess what, they contained the missing Orguss. It's possible that every Aaronix copy of Orguss was released with the wrong label?

In 2021 I started focusing more seriously on dumping Hung Tao Hsin (HTH) Game Gear releases, which are slightly modified SMS roms. So far we released 29 of them.

We now have HTH releases of Kenseiden / Jiàn shèng chuán (劍聖傳) / Jiàn shèng chuánshuō (劍聖傳説) for the Game Gear (running in SMS mode). There is a standalone HTH release and one as part of a 2 in 1 compilation with Ghouls'n Ghosts.

And Ghouls'n Ghosts / Jiàn shèng chuánshuō (劍聖傳説) for the Game Gear (running in SMS mode) So far I have only stumbled on the version from the 2-in-1 cartridge.


Sega AI Computer: first dumps, system roms, scans, recordings & more

Posted Wed Jan 31, 2024 4:01 pm by Bock

Around late 1986, Sega released the “Sega AI Computer”. This is one of Sega’s least well known and rarest systems. Not much was known about this system apart from a small amount of information in Japanese and American flyers and press articles. The information we have is still piecemeal and may be partly inaccurate.

Today we are making public, for the first time: all system roms extracted from the Sega AI Computer, data dumps from 26 my-cards and 14 tapes, many scans and photographs, and in collaboration with MAME developers, an early working MAME driver allowing this computer to be emulated.

This is technically a 16-bit CPU computer but with many 8-bit era parts. It's quite an orphan computer in Sega history, and although outside of SMS Power normal scope, we decided to work on preserving it.

Please read details and find all downloads at:


End of year 2023: 3 prototypes: Fantasy Zone: The Maze (SMS), Global Golf (GG), Wonder Boy (GG)

Posted Sat Dec 30, 2023 10:44 pm by Bock

Santa claus somehow got sidetracked in the woods and arrived late this year, but we have three new prototypes with a focus on games that were renamed.

We have a Prototype of Fantasy Zone: The Maze for the Master System. Sega's interesting effort at creating a Pac-Man style arcade game using Fantasy Zone is actually a fun game on its own, perhaps shadowed by the comparison with mainline Fantasy Zone titles (in Japan the game was called "Opa Opa", but US/Europe were less scrupulous in using the Fantasy Zone brand to market it).

A Prototype of Wonder Boy for the Game Gear. Late prototypes in the USA where sometimes distributed in regular cartridge forms, with small-form EPROM chips. The game was eventually renamed to "Revenge of Drancon" for the US market but this cartridge proudly says "Wonder Boy" on label and title screen.

Mentioned in 1994 magazines as Global Golf, CodeMasters 3D golf effort carrying a 8 KB ram chip was eventually released as "Ernie Els Golf". It turns out that in their usual fashion of inundating medias with sample cartridges, CodeMasters created a fully packaged sample set which we spotted in 2012 (thread). Here's the dump for Prototype Global Golf for the Game Gear !

Please note that CodeMasters own checksum (which appears when holding both 1+2 buttons during boot) is faulty on this version for some reason but the game itself runs correctly.

Enjoy the last few days of 2023 :)

Phantasy Star 36th Anniversary retranslation update

Posted Wed Dec 20, 2023 7:19 pm by Maxim
It is 20th December and that means it is the Phantasy Star anniversary!

To commemorate we are today officially releasing another update to the retranslation project. New since last year:

- Updated and expanded French script with a great deal of extra hints and lore added, tying into later games in the series
- Amended translation notes to better explain certain spells
- Some script amendments regarding the words Laconian and Zirconian in most languages
- Spanish:
- Typo fixes
- English:
- Fixed missing wait for button press when talking to Tajim (en)
- Renamed Dorougue to Druj. Look it up!
- Renamed Ant-lion to Antlion
- French:
- Fixed sometimes corrupted enemy names in French
- Added more accented letters
- Extended save game name entry screen to show "Sauvegarder"
- Technical work:
- Recompressed all sprite art to make more room for script
- Script it now stored across the entire ROM space, removing the previous 16KB (compressed) limit

Downloads in the form of IPS and BPS patches, to apply to your copy of the Japanese game, are available here: (Catalan) (Brazilian Portuguese) (French) (English and Literal English) (Spanish) (German)

Enjoy while we wait to see what Bock has wrapped up under the Christmas tree...

Korean SMS Multicarts Galore #3

Posted Sat Sep 09, 2023 10:16 pm by Bock

Following on our March 2023 and August 2023 releases of newly emulated Korean multicarts, here are some more!

The work has been conducted mostly by Ben Sittler and Bock.
We have many more things lined up, but it's been tremendously challenging to try to make sense of bootleg multicart releases in term of e.g. naming convention, mapper reverse engineering, emulation.

Today we have 6 new releases, totaling 349 games(**)
(**) Marketing stunt, there are lots of duplicates!

Most of those games are using new mappers/circuit board.
Emulators which have put effort at supporting those include:
- MEKA 2023-08-26 (with an update today)
- Emulicious.
If you have an emulator author, please consider supporting multicarts releases! We hope that other emulators will follow suit. None of those release will work on traditional flash-carts, but individual games may be extracted.


128 Hap (128합) for the Master System / Samsung Gam*Boy.

This is quite a feat to finally release it, as it is actually the first dump that Ben worked on and very eagerly documented in this topic and this other topic. In a way, the gateway leading Ben to work on more Korean multi-cart :)

The reason this wasn't released before is we had an issue with naming it...

Our copy of the cartridge is damaged and we don't have a proper label for it! For a while we hoped we would stumble on physical or in-rom data giving this a specific name. I scoured thousands of photos in my archives scrapped from auctions and misc pages, and found evidence of 128-in-1 multicart for SMS but upon further research we could tell it was a different cart with different contents. So eventually we went for what's displayed in the main menu "128 Hap".


11 Hap Gam-Boy (11합 겜보이) for the Master System / Samsung Gam*Boy

I first discovered this cartridge while traveling in Hokkaido to visit my friend Masato in 2011. It was an intense dumping session where I tried to grab as much data as possible, but for many games we didn't get to fully emulate the mapper until later. This is now done.

Ben also spotted an equivalent Megadrive cartridge (running in SMS mode) called "11 Hap Super Gam-Boy (11합 슈퍼겜보이)". We weren't able to dump this one yet but based on visible contents it seems very likely that the binary contents is identical.

(3) (4)

Super Game World 30 Hap (Super Game World 30합) / Super World 30 Hap (Super World 30합) for the Master System / Samsung Gam*Boy .

Two alternate versions of essentially a same compilation. We found two labels and contents is very slightly different. What appears to be the later version has a label saying "Super World 30 Hap" (instead of "Super Game World 30 Hap"), which is inconsistent with all other releases in this series. Contents differences analyzed by Ben:

Two variants exists, with a 8552 bytes difference. "There are clearly several differences, and at least some of them indicate it's likely two separate iterations. There are some addresses moved in the MSX BIOS replacement+menu region though not many, and also some stray assembler source remains in "Super Game World 30 Hap" that was overwritten in "Super World 30 Hap". Also, there is a whole different version of the MSX Bomberman game (폭탄인간 / pogtan in'gan, i.e. "bomb man") in "Super World 30 Hap". From the Bomberman title screen in "Super Game World 30 Hap" only button 2 works to start the game, whereas in "Super World 30 Hap" only button 1 works to start the game. Given button 1 on the Gam*Boy controller is also marked "Start", I suspect "Super World 30 Hap" is the later one."

We labelled the dumps respectively "Super Game World 30 Hap [v0] (KR).sms" and "Super Game World 30 Hap [v1] (KR).sms" to be consistent with our ROM images naming conventions.


Super Multi Game - Super 75 in 1 for the Master System / Samsung Gam*Boy.

(This is part of the same "Super Multi Game" series for which we released the more ambitious Super Multi Game - Super 125 in 1 back in March, along with a nice scan of the cover that could obtain.)


Super Game World75 Hap (Super Game World 75합) for the Master System / Samsung Gam*Boy.

From the same unnamed team who brought us Super Game World 30 Hap and Super Game World 260 Hap, this series is recognizable by their creative use of graphics and music in multicart menus.


We are happy to be hitting a frontier of niche releases here, making very tangible progress on Korean multicarts. Many of those cartridges have taken decades to be dumped and emulated properly. We will have more soon.

If you can help us acquire any Korean title, please reach out!.

Korean SMS Multicarts Galore #2

Posted Sat Aug 26, 2023 5:15 pm by Bock

Following on our March 2023 releases of Korean multicarts, here's a new bunch.

The work has been conducted mostly by Ben Sittler with support from me Bock.
We have many more things lined up, but it's been tremendously challenging to try to make sense of bootleg multicart releases in term of e.g. naming convention. As Ben has been exploring Game Gear releases (more on that in the future) it has been become clear we still haven't found the right way to label some of them, as they are lots of naming conflicts, or difficult to label releases. We're doing our best and it's pretty exciting to be covering those rarely charted territories of retro-game preservation!

Today we have 8 new releases, totaling 489 games(**)
(**) Marketing stunt, there are lots of duplicates!

Most of those games are using new mappers/circuit board.
Emulators which have put effort at supporting those include:
- MEKA 2023-08-26 (with an update today)
- Emulicious.
If you have an emulator author, please consider supporting multicarts releases! We hope that other emulators will follow suit. None of those release will work on traditional flash-carts, but individual games may be extracted.

Let's start humble but stylish:

Our first release is 2 Hap in 1 (Moai-ui bomul, David-2) / 2合 IN 1 (모아이의 보물, 다비드-2) for the Samsung Gam*Boy / Master System released by Hwasung Computer Co. Ltd, featuring Moai no Hibou and David-II.
Also see Ben's forum post about dumping this and photos.


Next up we have Zemina 4-in-1 (Q-Bert, Sports 3, Gulkave, Pooyan) / 큐버트 스포츠3겔케이브 퓨얀 for the Samsung Gam*Boy / Master System. This doesn't actually have an explicit name, the label only provides the 4 game names, but in the vein of trying to make senses of bootleg releases we are prefixing our game page and filenames with "Zemina 4-in-1".
Also see Ben's forum post about dumping this and photos.


More Zemina branded multicart!
Zemina's Best 88 for the Samsung Gam*Boy / Master System, packed with early SMS titles and MSX1 ported titles.
About see Ben's github post about dumping this and photos.

(4) (5)
If you split the "Best 88" ROM dump in two in turns out that each half can act as an independent multicart! They were programmed to do so, so the code in the first-half scans for available contents and display a different menu depending on the presence of the second half of that.

First half is Zemina's Best 39 for the Samsung Gam*Boy / Master System.
and second half is Zemina's Best 25 for the Samsung Gam*Boy / Master System.

Here's the thing..
We have evidence that Best 25 exists as a standalone cartridge:

But we haven't found an original yet. We however don't yet have evidence that Best 39 exists as a standalone cartridge. Time will tell, but we are mentioning that clearly on the game page: for has it has been extracted as the standalone first-half of Best 88.


We have A Korean release of Tank Battalion for the Samsung Gam*Boy / Master System. Note that while the Korean adaptation was adapted for the Master System (which has the extra RAM the SG-1000 doesn't have), the Taiwanese adaptation which we released for the SG-1000 a while ago relies on the Taiwan-only DahJee RAM expansion adapter as Taiwanese market was running on SG-1000 II back then vs Korean market was always on Master System only.

(7) (8)
We're not done!

We have Super Game 150 (슈퍼게임150) and Super Game 180 (슈퍼게임180) for the Samsung Gam*Boy / Sega Master System.
Unusually note that Super Game 150 is 2 whooping megabytes while Super Game 180 is "only" 1 megabyte: the earlier actually carries more unique games.
See forum threads about dumping Super Game 150 and more details..

Unlike several others multi-game cartridges, other We don't yet have menu indexes for Super Game 150 and Super Game 180. Your help would be appreciated there!

Reminder that you can find a handy list of our releases at


26th Anniversary! Korean SMS Multicarts Galore #1 & Ongoing Competitions

Posted Mon Mar 27, 2023 9:37 pm by Bock

Happy 26th Anniversary!

The tradition goes, and entries to our 2023 Coding, Music and Hacks competitions have have been posted now! You can grab and play them now. Voting starts soon!

And now on to our traditional releases of new dumps!

Exactly one year ago we released the first emulated Korean xx-in-1 multicart. I have been chasing them for decades and sitting on a pile of undumped and unemulated ones, as other projects took priority. With Ben Sittler independently pushing in this direction, we made enormous progress and both of us went into a dumping frenzy which continued into this year. Ben in particular did a majority of the work reverse engineering the new mappers, figuring out how to dump his cartridges and adding emulation code to Meka. I followed on his footsteps, dumped many of mine (we still both have a few unsolved ones), occasionally helping and reviewing mapper code.

Today we have 5 new multicart releases, totaling 429 games(*) We have several more we'll release over time as we are still going through what we have and figuring out naming conventions. Those unlicensed multicarts are particularly tricky to label as there are frequent inconsistencies between packaging, cartridge and in-game menu. That's not even accounting for multiple releases (patches, SMS/MD/GG sharing a compatibility layer), multi-cart code altering menu layout based on data, multicart containing other multicarts, multicarts with physical switches etc. As we will naturally drift toward Game Gear multi-carts we may have LOTS to release and will need to come up with tricky naming schemes as many different cartridges may be sharing a similar or same name.
(*) IF you were to trust their advertised count, which you cannot :)

Most of those games are using new mappers/circuit board. As of today, they are emulated by MEKA 2023-03-27 (today's release) and Emulicious, and we hope that other emulators will follow suit. None of those release will work on traditional flash-carts, but individual games may be extracted.


Our first release is Pigu-Wang 7 Hap - Jaemiiss-neun Game Mo-eumjip (피구왕7합 - 재미있는 게임 모음집) for the Sega Master System / Samsung Gam*Boy. Exhibiting an almost timid "7 in 1", this is nonetheless one of the most interesting Korean compilation: it contains 2 Megabytes (16 Megabits) worth of original Master System games developed in Korea. Most of the polished SMS-era titles are in this compilation: Dallyeora Pigu-Wang (dodgeball), 94 Super World Cup Soccer, Agigongnyong Dooly and more... Among the seven titles is one we haven't seen before: Bugtris, a 1 and 2 players Tetris clone where cleared lines turns into bugs that you have to squash. We also added a nice quality scan of the game box in the Scans section.

Note we also extracted the exact same dump from a Megadrive copy of the compilation, where the cartridge is set to run in SMS mode. Both versions are identical.


Ascending to our next step, Super Game 45 (슈퍼게임45) for the Sega Master System / Samsung Gam*Boy. With a joyful menu sporting My Hero's sporting, this compilation contains a few dozen Sega Mark III card games and MSX1 games modified for the SMS. Note quite 45 but still a nice amount. We have an index and translation of the menu in the link above (thanks to Ben Sittler for those).


Coming after is Super Game 52 Hap (슈퍼게임52합) for the Sega Master System / Samsung Gam*Boy. As you may notice from the similar title screen, this immediate successor of Super Game 45 and was developed and published by the same people. While we have still uncovered new brands of pirate multicarts, there are some recurring "big brand" and this is one of them. We don't have a menu index for this one yet (if someone can make it in the same format!) but this is double the size of the Super Game 45 and contains more unique games.


Our next multicart is Super Multi Game - Super 125 in 1 for the Sega Master System / Samsung Gam*Boy. This is also a 2 Megabytes (16 Megabits) cartridge and contains a handful of modded MSX releases. It is notable because many of the MSX games have Korean logos.


Our fifth multicart is Game Chongjiphap 200 (게임 총집합 200) for the Sega Master System / Samsung Gam*Boy. By game count it is our largest multicart release so far, but it is only a 1 Megabyte (8 megabits) cartridge and contains less unique games than e.g. Super 125 in 1 above. The MSX games we could check in this compilation appears to have less modifications: copyright scrubbing but no translated titles.


Lastly, we have an alternate dump for last year's Game Mo-eumjip 188 Hap (게임모음집188합) . I personally dumped two copies of this cartridge and got the same version (released last year) but Ben's copy was very slightly different. He posted it to a development thread recently but for the sake of visibility we are mentioning it here too. Read details about this variation:

The byte differences are in a region occupied by MSX BIOS replacement and menu code+data, I believe. The different bytes are at ROM offsets 0x11c1, 0x11c7, 0x11cd, and 0x11d3.

The differences are in the "trainer" (RAM patching) data for four of the King's Valley game variants in menu entries 101, 102, 103, and 104.

For menu entry 101, at address 0xFFE0 it replaces 0x55 with 0x03 (Bock's copy) or 0x04 (my copy)
For menu entry 102, at address 0xFFE0 it replaces 0x55 with 0x06 (Bock's copy) or 0x08 (my copy)
For menu entry 103, at address 0xFFE0 it replaces 0x55 with 0x0A (Bock's copy) or 0x0B (my copy)
For menu entry 104, at address 0xFFE0 it replaces 0x55 with 0x0B (Bock's copy) or 0x0E (my copy)

So for some reason, the maker of this multicart eventually replaced the starting level in one of their game trainer between two batches of manufacturing this multicart.

Hope you enjoy this foray into the little uncharted lands of multicarts... We hope to share more soon. Thanks for Ben Sittler for his invaluable help getting this to happen and still ongoing.

Help wanted!
- Site contributors: full index and details for those games would be good to add to the wiki.
- Emulator authors: support for those multicarts in more emulators would be nice. You can refer to MEKA sources on github for mappers details (or feel free to ask there).

SMS Power! Competitions 2023

Posted Fri Jan 13, 2023 5:42 pm by Maxim

As usual, we are running our annual Sega 8-bit coding, hack and music competitions. Deadline is our anniversary 27th March.

Happy new year with 2 prototypes, 3 korean games, 5 taiwanese variants.

Posted Mon Jan 09, 2023 11:57 am by Bock

Happy new year 2023!

Following last month's release of three prototypes, and a Phantasy Star 35th Anniversary Retranslation Update, we've got another pile of goodies :)

A Prototype of the great Scramble Spirits for the Master System. A rare and charming two-players vertical shooter developed in Japan. The sample cartridge was sourced from the UK but as per its EPROM it seems like it was displayed at CES.

It curiously bears a 1989 copyright (vs final game saying 1988). Looking at simple data statistics does contains noticeably less meaningful data than the final release however so it appears to be a definitively earlier build: one can assume they intently bumped the release date to 1989 expecting the game to release that year?

See attachment for a photo of the cartridge.

A Prototype of Fushigi no Oshiro Pit Pot (不思議のお城 ピットポット) for the Master System.

Based on analysis by super-reverse-engineer Calindro, the changes in this build relates to how the game EDIT mode converts edited level to in-game mode. In the prototype some treasure chests seems to disappear when starting a level. This prototype was dumped from a Japanese collection a few years ago.

Super Penguin (슈퍼팽귄, 수퍼펭귄) for the Samsung Gam*Boy / Master System, a rare Korean original developed by SIECO. This is a basic MSX1/SG-1000 era platformer. Although undated, it seems to draw inspiration from the level art of Super Mario Bros 3 so was probably developed after.

Box art and in-game title are inconsistent in spelling, and the product number SI-3131G appears to be the same as Gangcheol RoboCop (강철 로보캅), also by Sieco. A equally obscure MSX version also exist.

Then we have Con-Dori (콘돌이) for the Samsung Gam*Boy / Master System, and MSX Soccer / Chuggu (축구) for the Samsung Gam*Boy / Master System, both unlicensed MSX1 ports. Con-Dori has unusually terrible audio.

Con-Dori was provided and dumped by bsittler who has lately been of tremendous help and instrumental with on-going work dumping and reverse engineer Korean XX-in-1 cartridges (leading to our release of Game Mo-eumjip 188 Hap (게임모음집188합) and many upcoming ones.

MSX Soccer has a Hwaseong / Hwasung Bumper Screen injected into the MSX BIOS replacement.

We are not done!
We have the rare Taiwanese version of The Circuit / Fēichē zhēngbà zhàn (飛車爭霸戰) for the Taiwanese Mark III., for which the cartridge was kindly provided to us by Eric Kuo. Thank you!

To finish, we have 4 "SMS game in a Game Gear cartridge" releases by Hung Tao Hsin (HTH), to complement the 24 releases we made in 2021:

HG 101-13: The Ninja / Dàshén rěnzhě (大神忍者)
HG 101-15: Choplifter / Ā pà qì (阿帕契).
HG 101-26: Aztec Adventure / Nazca'88, with erroneous box labels: Aztel Adventure (Nazca'88) / Ganbare Goemon (がんばれゴエモン).
HG 201-12: E-SWAT / Pīlì zhàn jǐng (霹靂戰警), dumped from the variant with E-SWAT art label.

In the tradition of other HTH releases: original Sega copyrights have been scrubbed and/or replaced with HTH ones, and games were modified to increase amount of lives/bullets.

Attached to this post are photos of original cartridges.

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