Who are behind SMS Power?

The site is run and administrated by Omar Cornut (Bock) and Maxim.

Others have been involved with SMS Power activity in the past, mostly in its early years: Phillip Smith (Recall), Mike Gordon (MikeG), Nicolas Warren (Heliophobe), Nop Nop, Eric R. Quinn, aRPi, Casiopea, Enri, RedS, Sankichi, Skyhigh, TW_Diy, Yakmo, Yujiro, Image / Helsinki / Finland, Andrew Lindsay, Imid, Adolescent.

In addition to that we have a list of contributors who kindly donated games or money to advance the dumping project.

A special thanks goes to Andrew Lindsay who designed his early homebrew cartridge reader and founded the "SMS Preservation Society" back in 1996. This spawned interest in the Master System and the idea of gathering cartridges for dumping.

Contact Us

We encourage posting on the forums for most matters rather than contacting us privately, so the discussion and answers can benefit others. If you have a question that you believe should be addressed privately, you can contact us directly by e-mail.

Bock is in charge of MEKA, populating the games database, releases/dumping, hunting for odd games, information or goodies, development, etc.
Send your e-mails to: o m a r AT m i r a c l e w o r l d DOT n e t (remove spaces, replace 'at' and 'dot' with corresponding characters)

Maxim did the bulk of web development, handle the music section, VGM packs, scans, forums, development, etc.
Send your e-mails to: m a x i m AT s m s p o w e r DOT o r g (remove spaces, replace 'at' and 'dot' with corresponding characters)

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