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MEKA is a multi-machine emulator for MS-Windows and GNU/Linux (older versions support MS-DOS).
The following machines are supported by MEKA:
  • Sega Game 1000 (SG-1000)
  • Sega Computer 3000 (SC-3000)
  • Sega Super Control Station (SF-7000)
  • Sega Mark III (+ FM Unit)
  • Sega Master System (SMS)
  • Sega Game Gear (GG)
  • ColecoVision (COLECO)
  • Othello Multivision (OMV)
Along with a wide range of peripherals and exotic games support.
MEKA also include a powerful debugger and various debugging/hacking tools.

The project was initiated in 1998 and is still maintened by Omar Cornut "Bock", and MEKA benefits from contributions or open source librairies from Hiromitsu Shioya "Hiro-shi", Marat Fayzullin "Rst38h", Maxim, Mitsutaka Okazaki, Ulrich Cordes, Maxim Stephin, Dirk Stevens among others. Refer to MEKA documentation (meka.txt) for more detailed credits.

Although MEKA is still updated and maintained today, and still useful (namely for its support for non-common games and hardware and various debugging/features) its design shows its age. Please be kind with this software.

MEKA is a free software distributed under a BSD-like license, allowing you to browse and reuse sources and data with no restrictions.

If you like the emulator, any form of donation is greatly welcome and appreciated. Contributions are used to obtain Sega 8-bit products related to the SMS Power! knowledge & preservation project. Thank you for your support, and always keep a spare life potion in your pocket!

Dedicated to...
1999 "MEKA is dedicated to that wonderful game that is Monster World II, or so called Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap in Western countries. Originally released on the Master System in 1989, the game was also adapted to the Game Gear in 1992. MEKA is the name of the first dragon you meet in the game and which get you into that mess (see the picture at the top of this page!). If you meet any of the guys from Westone, give them a hug. They are responsible for this great game and the Wonder Boy series."

2017: Glad to say that this two decades old obsession for The Dragon's Trap materialized... I was the main programmer and director for the remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap released in 2017 (

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Meka Configurator
MEKA configuration tool/editor

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MEKA 0.80 still in the horizon...

This website has been left dangling for long but MEKA 0.8x releases have been happening here and there.

MEKA 0.80 Thread

MEKA GitHub repository

MEKA GitHub releases & changelog

MEKA 0.80 in the horizon...

MEKA is currently being ported to the Allegro 5 framework and the entire sound engine was rewritten from stratch, hopefully fixing the audio issues that many people had and allowing sound to work properly under GNU/Linux. It is still a bit early to release a build qualified as "stable", but check the WIP repository for latest test builds! Help us bring MEKA back to the top :)

MEKA 0.80 WIP page

MEKA your life better

Riiiiiise from your grave! MEKA 0.73 is shiny and available. Accumulated work and patches waiting to be downloaded!

So what's new? This is a rather small update.
- The license for data now matches the source code license, making MEKA a fully free (as in freedom) software.
- New mappers were added to support a wider range of Korean games.
- Debugger got a few fixes and new RMAP command ("reverse map") which allow to retrieve back, eg, a ROM address given an address in CPU space. The SYM @addr command allows to find a symbol given an address.
- Fixed SC-3000 keyboard, improved capture options, helpers for creating game maps, fixed Light Phaser cursor, etc.
- And generally other tweaks, fixes and lots of updates to the MEKA database.
(Read full list of changes)

Download Meka 0.73

MEKA WIP repository


Long time no MEKA

It's there! MEKA 0.72, fruit of nearly two years of accumulated work and patches, shining and smiling at you, waiting to be downloaded. I have so few excuse for taking such a long time to finalize a proper releasable build so I won't embarass myself.

What's new?
- First of all, the video system was converted to use hi-color modes (no more palettized/indexed mode, welcome to the 21th century!), effectively increasing compatibility and glitches with newer video hardware, overally simplifying development, and allowing proper emulation of advanced palette effects on the Game Gear. The blitter system was also improved in various ways, with simplified configuration and default setting more friendly to today's computers.
- Various minor emulation issues were fixed, including cases crashing the emulator, extended 224 lines video mode and Z80 and ColecoVision interruptions behaviours.
- As for the interface, the theming system configuration style was revamped and new shortcuts were added to aid quick manipulation in debugging sessions (CTRL-F4, CTRL-TAB).
- Development tools were given a huge boost in this version. Added line history. Added conditional breakpoints. Added display line event breakpoints/watchpoints. Added SET commands to modify registers. Added the possibility to spawn multiple memory editors. Added a CLOCK commands to assist timing code. Added edition of VDP registers. Added a brand new tilemap viewer, with various filters and information display, etc.
- And generally various tweaks and fixes as well as portability improvements.
(Read full list of changes)

Download Meka 0.72

MEKA WIP repository

Tilemap viewer showing raster-effect scrolling information in Sagaia

Behind the WIP

I thought I would update this news page, since it was being left behind since a while. Although no "official" new version was released, new WIP (Work-In-Progress) builds are available, and I'm recommending everyone to switch to those WIP build while waiting for proper 0.72. Please visit the page below to get information about those WIP builds and what's upcoming for 0.72 (lots of changes).

MEKA WIP repository


MEKA 0.71 is happily waiting for you! First stable release since going open-source, this version includes great changes from new contributors. Some of the changes were already introduced thru the WIP page. This is a package embedding them all.

This version goes in two ways:
- The first sets of changes were contributed from DjRobX, who successfully made improvements to the video system (including triple buffering), and added Maxim Stephin' HQ2X graphics filter as a new blitter. Although some parts are still a bit rough yet (more configurability is upcoming) this is a big change as it leads the way toward a smoother MEKA and support for hi-color video modes. Future versions should scrap the old 256-color mode in favor of 16/32 bits modes, opening the way to many improvements.
- The second sets of changes includes important additions to the debugging suite: symbols loading, expression evaluator with variable replacement, print function, contextual command line completion, improvment to the disassembly view, as well as dozen of small improvement and fixes. More useful than ever for those geeky programmers, this is a great step to help homebrew development on Sega 8-bit systems and hacking/modification/analysis of existing games. Possibilities are endless.

This version also includes heaps of the usual fixes and smaller changes (Read full list of changes)

Homebrew Master System development?
Hacking? New levels? Translating Japanese games?
Let's shape a better future together.

Download Meka 0.71

MEKA WIP repository

Back to the source

MEKA 0.70 now available, and it is open source!
It's been 6 years exactly since I released the first version, MEKA 0.10.
A long time indeed. In a way, I feel now shameful for not releasing sources earlier. Due to severe lack of time, I wasn't able to cope with the amount of work required to improve MEKA. Now that it's open source, I can continue doing my work on it, but perhaps other people can help. :)
May it serve.

Since MEKA 0.69b, I've been fixing various things there and there. The main big thing is the addition of a bunch of new things to the MEKA debugger. Including a new full-featured breakpoint system, allowing to spy buses, catch memory accesses, I/O accesses, and lots of nice things. Other things in the debugger include better instruction flow disassembly, highlighting and session logging. Aimed to programmers and software hackers, this is a nice step in the direction of more modifications, more translations, more cheats, more fun, more knowledge of Sega 8-bit systems. (Read full list of changes)

Download Meka 0.70

MEKA WIP repository

Mekanix 0.69b and WIP your life!

Mekanix 0.69b for GNU/Linux is now available and in sync with the other versions, still with awful sound but also still useful to play at university or work :)

In addition, I decided to start making some development version publicly available, I opened a MEKA WIP repository (WIP stands for "Work In Progress"). Here you may find builds with various new features. If you want to try those version and find anything unusual, please report to me.

Download Mekanix 0.69b

MEKA WIP repository


Due some kind of worshipping event happening worldwide, I have today a special version, dedicated to Mr Arnosan, so you can yourself pray and contemplate Arnosan's face. It features a dedicated Arnosan theme, a bonus message from Arnosan, floating hearts to reflect our love for him, and an emulator officially renamed MEKARNOSAN.
Worship, worship.

Download Mekarnosan 0.69b !!

Mekhabitual fix

MEKA 0.69b. ZIP fix (DOS/UNIX). Opposite directions. Fullscreen/windowed switch. Sega Keyboard (SK-1100) inputs priority. Debugger showing properly. Memory Editor focus. Updated translations. And mandatory MEKA database updates. Breath. Peace, love and games! (Read full list of changes)

Download Meka 0.69b

Mekanix 0.69

Mekanix 0.69 for GNU/Linux is now available and in sync with the other versions, still with awful sound but also still useful to play at university or work :)

It came to my attention that version 0.69 has a few bugs, including missing ZIP files support in the DOS build. I will be fixing those mistakes in an updated version, coming as soon as possible. Sorry for that.

Download Mekanix 0.69


No variable can hide! MEKA 0.69 is up, with both Windows and DOS build available, and a GNU/Linux one that should be upcoming.

This version add a brand memory editor, allowing to view and modify all kind of emulated memory (ROM, RAM, VRAM, Palette, battery backed RAM) and access to the Z80 memory map. This feature is originally intented to programmers/hackers, but experience shows that a little of goodwill can allow you to spot live-changing values among all RAM garbage. It took me one minute to locate the player coordinate in Wonder Boy III, allowing myself to teleport and accomplish a dream child: entering into that blocked cage below the mouse-man level. Can you realize your own dreams?

Educate yourself, ask questions and show off your finds on SMS Power's Master System / Game Gear developers forum. You'll find how you can apply Pro Action Replay codes or create new ones using the Memory Editor. It's of importance to note that while I am a lazy bastard, my girlfriend took the responsability to start writing the Memory Editor by herself and hand it to me on a silver plate (well, almost) for tweaking.

Other changes? Hmm... support for saving and loading PNG picture format (finally!), updated themes, a new proper log console in the Windows version, fixes, and more fixes. (Read full list of changes)

Didn't you dream of going behind this wall?
X position is in RAM at addresses C244,C243,C242

Download Meka 0.69


Busy again, but it's gonna change pretty soon: 2005 will be a good year for MEKA. Spread the rumor!

I distributed MEKA sources to some close people for inspection. The whole thing is still a mess, and I'd like (as mentionned in the news below) to scrap the MS-DOS version and replace Seal by FMOD. If I can do that, among other things like replacing my old rusty GUI code and having proper *cough* BIOS emulation, I'm considering to switch to the communist model and open the sources.

Back to the present, Johan Euphrosine is building GNU/Linux binaries, so we get an up to date Mekanix 0.68b available, and hopefully it will stay so. I am aware that the sound is still jerky. If we have a sound guru around who is devoted to replacing all Seal stuff and keep a variable non-throttled emulation speed playback, contact me.

Download Mekanix 0.68b

MS-DOS anymore?

A few months ago, I have upgraded my computer to a decent one. One of the side effect is that I started installing software from this century. Until recently, I was running Windows 98 and still heavily using MS-DOS 7.1. I represent an oppressed minority!

In the past few years, I received e-mails and support from followers still using DOS, but their number is shrinking and today I am considering scrapping the DOS version of MEKA. This will be a great help to move forward: replacing the outdated SEAL audio library by something better (such as FMOD), eventually trying to lose dependency to big-old Allegro in favor of SDL, and taking advantage of some operating system features I was avoiding until now. The truth is that I have various things in mind but they are difficult to accomplish with the current code because I have to rely on the lowest set of features DOS offers. Some of the fixes MEKA requires have been delayed since ages because I didn't know how to keep compatibility with DOS. So, dropping it would really be for the best of MEKA.

So, I am asking all DOS users of MEKA to contact me and express their feeling about it. I am breaking your heart? Will you survive if I suddently stop supporting what everyone stopped supporting years ago? Is anyone technically experienced and willing to spend time maintaining a DOS version?

More fixes

Meka 0.68b is now available, with various fixes. Fixed in-game savestates problem with F-16 Fighter / F-16 Fighting Falcon. Fixed SMS/GG scanline counter which could return incoherent data if selected NTSC mode and a database directive forced PAL/SECAM mode. Fixed mouse button mapping configuration. Fixed file browser going in full Japanese mode when loading certain games. etc.. last but not least, I enabled VSync in all default blitters as an experiment, as few people were actually configuring blitters or using a non-default one. Is MEKA smoother for you now ? (Read full list of changes)

Download Meka 0.68b


I missed by a few days the 5th anniversary of the original, Meka 0.10 release. Many things were done since early versions, but not enough to my opinion. I spent 5 busy years at school and I'll take that as an excuse :) Meka has hopefully a bright future and many upcoming improvements.

Meka 0.68 is now available. This is a small update to the end-user, but a big one to my never-ending sorting job. The MEKA.NAM database system was rewritten to support both old and a new, improved format. Many entries were fixed/renamed, and I'm now working on refilling the database with all entries in the new format and removing old ones. Entries in new database will be added and verified with extra care, and this work will serve to the future SMS Power! museum. Additionnally, all entries in the new format can be considered as very accurate and ROM auditing tools are encouraged to reuse this data and take it as correct (comments/fixes are always welcome).
I also improved the file browser with new icons to depicts BIOS images, homebrew software, unofficial hacks, translations and prototypes. Of course, those icons depends on the database information and it is still missing some of the less common ROM entries. I fixed the "Load names" feature to be faster, added SMS-mode Game Gear games autodetection (to handle Master System mode games with a .gg extension), added emulation for some VDP 315-5124 quirks that may matters to developpers, and added new information to the TECH.TXT file regarding how to build adapters to connect SMS joypads to your computer. (Read full list of changes)

(I am now evaluating of possibility of releasing standalone MEKA.NAM+COMPAT.TXT updates, that would be available on a more regular basis than new MEKA versions.)

Download Meka 0.68


Meka 0.67 is up and available! Developpers, hackers and cheaters will be the ones interested by this update, since it marks the addition of a new Z80 debugger! Although there was at some point a debugger, it was only usable in the DOS version and pretty annoying since it would switch to text mode everytimes, etc. The new debugger, functionnal on all ports of MEKA, is embedded right into the interface and let you use other tools while debugging. This is a very basic debugger and it doesn't includes any fancy features as of yet.

Other changes in this version includes an improved patching system, allowing the use of RAM patches and CRC32 support. RAM patches allows inputing Pro Action Replay codes with ease in the MEKA.PAT file. Paddle Control emulation (for BMX Trial Alex Kidd, Galactic Protector, Woody Pop, etc.) is now supported using digital input peripheral such as the keyboard, although it is still highly recommended to play using a mouse due to the Paddle Control being an analog device. Several bug fixes and minor changes were done as well, including an infamous bug with 4+ axis joysticks.

Finally, and as always, the MEKA.NAM database and the compatibility list were updated with many fixes and changes. More than fifty games were sorted, added or renamed. Although those changes might be pointless to some of you, it is part of the SMS Power! project to have a definitive and clean database of Sega 8-bit games and ROM images, matching the official information as close as possible. For exemple, one of the change that will bother many people is the different naming convention of 3-D games in Japan and in the west: we now have "Space Harrier 3D" [Japan] and "Space Harrier 3-D" [Export] in the database. Other changes are mostly name innacuracies and removal of incorrectly labelled alternate versions. (Read full list of changes)

MEKA simple debugger (click to enlarge)

Download Meka 0.67

If you are interested in programming for the Sega Master System (or other Sega 8-bit systems), be sure to read Maxim's excellent guide: Getting started with SMS programming.

Eye sacrifice

Meka 0.66, and a happy new year! Sega 3-D Glasses support through the COM ports is now fully fonctionnal under Windows, and it is great news. Now with a simple adapter (schematics are provided in the TECH.TXT file), you can plug on real Sega Master System 3-D Glasses and get blind for real ! And if you can survive to that, you will be able to enjoy better page flipping, use up to 32 joystick buttons, avoid evil joystick axis bugs (finally fixed!), see all 512 tiles of your dreams in 15 wonderful TMS9918 colors using the tile viewer, and enjoy a billion of new ROM renaming. Isn't that great ? (Read full list of changes)

What game will you play today ? I recently completed Maze Walker (also called Maze Hunter 3-D) using 3-D glasses, and could not look at sunlight for two days. Unfortunately, I felt that the game was average, especially considering they could have done much better using their game engine. A good game of choice is Golvellius, and Youltar has setup a wonderful site about it: Golvellius: Valley of Doom. Be sure to give it a visit!

Maze Hunter 3-D / Maze Walker (SMS)

Download Meka 0.66

MEKA News Archives
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