More fixes

Will it ever be over? More fixes, and plenty more to come in the future. Meka 0.65c is out. Wonder Boy III was accidentally broken in 0.65b due to a debugging session and that is unforgiveable! I fixed some Z80 timing, fixed inputs after a savestate load, and updated the infamous database with new entries and some renaming done. (Read full list of changes)

Download Meka 0.65c


Meka 0.65b is now available for all to enjoy.

Download Meka 0.65b


Meka 0.65b is now available to registered users. I've resumed the practice of giving new versions to registered users a few days before others. As you would guess based on the version number, this version mainly introduces small changes and fixes: TV mode palette was fixed (broken in 0.65!), a simple setup screen was added in the Windows version, cabinet mode was added (to invert Escape and F10 keys, based on a popular request), mouse wheel is supported in file browser and documentation (finally got access to a mouse with a wheel!), plus many little changes and fixes. Note that you can now run MEKA with the /setup parameter to change soundcard. (Read full list of changes)

This version should be made available to non-registered users in a few days.

Say hi to Mekanix

Meka 0.65 is now available. At last, the palette engine was rewritten to minimize palette changes even more, avoiding slowdowns in the Windows version with many video cards. If you had terrible slowdowns, especially in Game Gear games, you may want to try this version. Other than that, sprite collision for video modes 1/2/3 was rewritten for better accuracy (fixing some SF-7000 games), the SMS scanline counter now returns accurate values (compared to real system), screen capture was fixed for those who had crashing problems with it, and there's a few other fixes as well. Last but least, a GNU/Linux build, codenamed Mekanix, is now publicly available. It's unperfect but may be helpful for some people (read the provided documentation). (Read full list of changes)

Daffy Duck in Hollywood (SMS)

Download Meka 0.65

Work In Regress

I thought that giving news from time to time may be a good thing. I'm working a bit on MEKA those days, and I'm still particularly worried about bugs in the Windows version. Please describe any problem you encounter with it. I noticed that the Auto Frame Skipper cause freezing on some machine I've tried it on, and although I've not checked the problem cause as of yet, it's one of my main work area from now on.

By the way, I'm taking the occasion to pass a little request: I'm looking for motivated and talented 2-D/3-D artists for a realtime 3-D game project I'm working on. If you like games, creativity, music, flowers and love, e-mail me.

Mekafix, fix, fix...

Meka 0.64c is available after quite a long wait, fixing plenty of bugs that have plaggued some players since a long time. In addition to all those great bug fixes, various documentations and lists embedded with the emulator were updated. See if the emulator works better for you now! (Read full list of changes)

I'm aware that the Windows version still have some problems. I'm interested in hearing from you if it is the case (read mekaw.txt first).

Download Meka 0.64c

I got to believe!


Meka 0.64b is now available for your pleasure! This update features several changes, the main one being much more accurate Game Gear colors (12-bits precision instead of 9-bits). This problem was being around since the very first version of MEKA, and for some reason was never fixed until recently (thanks goes to Carleton Handley, FIFA Soccer programmer on Game Gear, for the reminder). Other changes includes a set of embedded patches to be able to play SMS BIOS games, VDP Interrupts Enable bits effects on the Z80 IRQ Line, fixed video mode 3 (as used by Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show and Smurf Paint & Play Workshop on the ColecoVision), and reduced executable size for the Windows version. (Read full list of changes)

Download Meka 0.64b

Play games!


I've received several e-mails regarding a problem with Meka 0.64 for Windows: fullscreen mode shows a small screen. That problem is due to a simple change in the default configuration for my own testing, and I forgot to change it back in time for the release. Read this news carefully...

I'm surprised that only a few people seemed to find out how to change the fullscreen resolution! MEKA is a very open and configurable emulator, and interested people should be sure to have a look at all its possibilities. You can have a look at the documentation and interesting editable files in the MEKA package:

- MEKA.BLT (blitters / video modes)
- MEKA.CFG/MEKAW.CFG (main configuration)
- MEKA.INP (inputs)
- MEKA.MSG (messages)
- MEKA.NAM (game database)
- MEKA.PAT (patches)
- MEKA.THM (themes)
There's also a great tool for Windows called MEKA Configurator which allows editing of many settings.

Now, let's fix your copy of MEKA 0.64 for Windows yourself! The problem is that the "Normal" fullscreen blitter for Windows was set to a resolution of 640x480. You probably want to change it back to 320x200. Blitters settings are found in the file MEKA.BLT. You can either edit the file manually, either use MEKA Configurator. Good luck! :-)

I am taking the occasion to send a notice to plenty of people who registered in the past, and changed their e-mail addresses without keeping me informed. I cannot contact those persons, and thus they are not receiving their e-mail about MEKA updates. If you are one of the below, please contact me:

Limbs a Flyin', Robert Suss, Clint Dyer, Stryx / Tim Hammell, Ian Alexander, Stuard Reid / Essjayar, Jonathan Krenz, Jordan Lambert, Ole Kasper Olsen, Jon Baird, Pieter Boven, Randy Gutwein / SGFan, Shawn Smith, Bruce Philip / Zektor, Steven Livingstone, Michalis Aggelopoulos, TR929, Chris D. W. Powell, Tom Jones, Nir Blankman, Jossa / Josef Anderson, Charlie / Gibster, Billy JR, Mike Meddaugh, Eric Klaeme / Wook, Tim Dennie, Frank Arlt, Jean Wainer, Jonas Persson, Jeremy Gilbert, Yoneda Mitsunori, Draky / Gilles Wittezaele, Mike Farell, David Ospital, Tim Macsay, Nazca / Pablo Cervantes, Blizzard / Andrew Baron, Gav / Anthony Bell, Reducer / Jason Fischer, Hughes Johnson, Kim Moore / Kamkg, Bruno / King of Dreams, Thomas Boduel, Richard Reinblatt.

Thank you.


Meka 0.64 is out, and it sounds better than ever! Various parts of the sound engine were heavily worked on, allowing to finally implement a digital YM-2413 emulator for Windows 2000/XP people who were not able to uses emulation through an OPL chipset. Emu2413 is courtesy of Mitsutaka Okazaki, and his work makes a great addition to Meka. FM Unit emulation is more accurate than before now (although some people would say that emulation through OPL sounds nicer in most cases, it is less accurate!) at some CPU cost, as you likely need a 450 Mhz system to avoid slowdown. Of course, the OPL emulator is still available for slower computer (me!) and people who prefers the OPL sound. That's not all, since I also implemented a new PSG emulator heavily based on Maxim's work and research on the chipset. Noises should now be accurate up to a point where pseudo-random data are generated in the same sequence as with a real PSG! Several other sound stuff were tweaked in the process, and I hope that everything will sounds good to you. Feel free to e-mail me with your comments and reactions regarding this change! As an addition, this update also allows to setup screen refresh rate for the GUI and in Meka blitters (Meka.blt). (Read full list of changes)

Download Meka 0.64

This version is available to all users and Sega fans. Enjoy!


If MEKA for Windows crashes on startup, don't forget to try starting it using this batch file. I'm however interesting in getting feedback if someone cannot run MEKAW even with by using the batch file.


I'm not a trustable person! Meka 0.63 ended having a few fixable things, thus an update in the form of Meka 0.63b. This version fixes various things and will hopefully disable the need of a batch file to run under certain systems (the BLASTER environment variable problem). Feedback is always welcome.

Download Meka 0.63b

This version is now available to all users and Sega fans. Enjoy!


I made several fixes to MEKA recently, and figured out that it was better to release an update now, instead of delaying them everytime. Say hi to Meka 0.63. While great things are still being worked on, this versions mainly feature fixes and simple improvements. Some of them includes: implemented cyclic color allocation algorythm (reducing palette change, especially cool under Windows with some videocards/drivers), added a full multiplayer games list to emulator, added 21 missing undocumented Z80 opcodes, fixed PSG emulation (holding note in Alex Kidd in Miracle World at Janken matchs, Micro Machines rythmic...) and other fixes. (Read full list of changes)

This update was made available to registered users, in both DOS and Windows version (although the Windows version is still unperfect). I'm out of town for a week, and then it'll be made available publicly. I should not be able to answer e-mails in the meantime. Please read the documentation before asking any question that could be answered there. Thanks, and enjoy!


Sorry for the lack of news. I've been unable to work at home since some time, and that did not help for the development of Meka and its Windows version. A beta was released some time ago, and I'd like as soon as possible to fix up a few bugs and be able to release a nice version. The beta available has some stupid bug that prevent it to run on most Windows systems if you have a BLASTER environnement variable set. If it doesn't run for you, try downloading this batch file and running it from the emulator directory. See you soon!


I've been extremely busy since some time, working on an unrelated project of mine. Hopefully you'll understand that. As for Meka, a quick release was planned, unfortunately it turned out that a bug had leaked in previous version, and it took lots of time to track down. Meka 0.62b is now up and available for all. (Changes)

Download Meka 0.62b

As always, donation and registration are greatly welcome and useful. A lot of money is being spent on buying certains undumped cartridges, and I personnally pay for 90% of that. I'm happy, but my bank is not.

Also - please refrain from sending more e-mails about MEKA not working well on Windows XP, it is well known since age. Please wait for a Windows version. Also please regularly check SMS Power for various Sega 8-bit enjoyments :-)


Meka 0.62 is there, babes! I must admit it's been quite a while since I last spoke there. Of course, Meka is a life so it's not going soon to be dropped.

This version introduces a few things I was hoping to do since a long time, mainly a new 93c46 EEPROM emulator, meaning that the Game Gear baseball games that wouldn't save properly before are now perfectly emulated (saving their 128 bytes EEPROM on disk). Plenty other emulation fixes were done also, Z80 things (Rambo 3 Game Over screen is now showing properly), added emulation of onboard 64 kb RAM chip of Ernie Els Golf (GG), and started to add support for the four variations of the SMS/GG video processors, with some of their subtles differences (Japanese version of Ys now play as on a Japanese Master System 1, without glitches, and that without any of the previous hacks). And I'm happy to say that.. (Read full list of changes)

As usual, this version is for now downloadable to register users, and will be put freely available in a few days. I may in the meanwhile consider to release an alpha version of Meka for Windows very soon. Enjoy gaming!


Meka 0.61 is now out, a bit later compared to my original plans. I worked out some fixes in the Z80 core, as stated below, so Rise of Robots is now perfectly playable. Double Dragon (GG) and Formula 1 (SMS) were also fixed. All menus and box titles were entirely localized, meaning you can now use a 99% localized MEKA, and several other little things were applied. (Read full list of changes)

Download Meka 0.61

After several months of lagging progress, I worked a bit on the Windows port of MEKA recently. I'm really planning an 'as-is' release soon (if only to reduce the number of requests by e-mail :).

Some more news..

Alright, discovering some more work had to be done to be able to release an update, I decided to make 0.60 public right now to avoid any longer wait for non-registered users. I'll keep you tuned and hope to get the update ready in a week or so. Enjoy!

Download Meka 0.60

Some news..

I planned to release a Meka 0.60b very fast, but actually ended toying with the Z80 emulator for a bit of time, and improving timing in certain cases.
Quoting my change log: "Fixed Rise of the Robots (GG), MEKA being the first emulator to play it without glitches (and even without, it sucks! :)"

I'm currently in the middle of several little changes but I'll try to have a new version publicly out soon. In the meanwhile, the newly released Joust for Coleco Vision works fine under Meka, and is actually a nice port from the arcade version (although unfinished):

Find the miracle ball

Meka 0.60 is out today for registered users! Finally, the "Find the Miracle Ball" voice bug that plagued Meka since years was fixed (and it turned out to be a timing bug, the sound engine was Ok). Beside the timing fixes, other changes in this version includes sample accurate VGM logging, VGM format updated to 1.01, fixed a minor sprite masking bug affecting Evander Holyfied Boxing (since one version or two), added support for Coleco Vision header/footer to play the newly released Dig Dug and Pac Man, and some other usual changes (fixes, themes, compatibility list..). (Full list of changes)

This version will be made available to non-registered users sooner or later. If you intend to register, please read the documentation. SMS Power really needs it! Thanks & enjoy :-)

Baby Meka

Meka 0.59b is a small update, including several little fixes over the previous version. Please get this one :-) Sorry for the inconvience.

Download Meka 0.59b

We are in HIGH need of mirrors due to economical reason. Emulation sites, please mirror the ZIP file when providing it for download. Thank you.


Meka 0.59 is now launched and available! This update of my favorite (hehe) emulator brings fixed periodic noise emulation, as used in many Master System and Game Gear European games such as Marble Madness, Daffy Duck in Hollywood or Robocod. The bass kind of effects should sound way better now. The other great news is that the newly created VGM (Video Game Music) file format is supported for logging in MEKA! S8-Dev was actively working on it since a month or so, and it's now ready for public consumption. MEKA (and Dega) are able to log sound events into a VGM sound that is editable with various already available tools and playable with Maxim's VGM WinAMP plugin, also available. We are hoping that people will jump on the wagon and start producing quality VGM packages.

Other changes includes Korean mapper emulation (as used in Dodgeball King), Italian & German translations, and the usual bunch of little fixes and improvements. Click here for a full list of changes.

Download Meka 0.59

Also be sure to pay a visit to the newly created SMS Power Music Section, if you haven't done already!


As promised, here is a new public version. Meka 0.58c also bring a few changes over latest version, mainly fixed accents and addition of Spanish and Portuguese languages. SDSC header is now also printed out if found and a few other minor things were fixed.

Download Meka 0.58c


Meka me happy!

Alright, it seems that I can't be believed. With Meka 0.58b, I'm contradicting myself in less than a week (read previous news) - not that anyone would complain of a new version :-)

I fixed some scrolling bugs in video mode 5 (Master System / Game Gear) that luckily were not affecting any commercial game, but well, better fixing them anyway. This update also add a /LOAD command line parameter (as requested by nop.nop) to start MEKA with a savestate loaded. Also added some new entrys to the checksum and compatibility, Dutch and Redneck (yeah!) translations, and added the the USA flag to all games only released in USA.

This version should be made available to non-registered users in a few days.

Did you say Meka?

Unbelievable: I'm now in vacation. I haven't took any form of vacation as far as I know since several years, so I can't say I'm not happy with them :). I have worked on MEKA this week, the week ending with the release of version 0.58. New features including sound dumping to WAV files (have your CD burners ready, and make yourself SMS musics compilations!), nearly complete localization support (you can now change and translate most messages in MEKA), a VDP emulation fix, improved hardware sprite collision emulation and several other fixes (including one that made Sega Basic unusable since previous version!). (Full list of changes)

This version is available to everybody right now, as I'm not thinking of doing a 'little update' very soon so it might take some time for a new version to appears.

Download Meka 0.58

If you have any question regarding MEKA.MSG or you are willing to add new languages to MEKA, please check out and post in the SMS Power forum.

Fix my Meka

I worked on the past few weeks on fixing lots of little things that either people suggested, either that I felt like improving. Meka 0.57b is here, with palette fixes, emulation fixes, sound fixes and miscellaenous fixes. And this one is available to everybody at once! (Full list of changes)

Download Meka 0.57b

Also please note that I'm moving house on the 1st of July 2001. That's pretty soon, so if you planned to send anything (yeah) try to send it preferably to the new address, even if things sent to the old one are forwarded to me.

Get down, Meka love

Meka 0.57 is now freely available for non-registered users all around the world. Check the news below for more informations about this version and the changes it brings. Before jumping on it, if you are not registered, please consider making a donation, since the SMS Power project is really needing support now. Thanks for your attention :-)

Download Meka 0.57

Meka, Mekaw, Mekanix, Mekast

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past few months. School is keeping me busy, as one can guess. The good news is that Meka 0.57 is ready and was shipped to registered users! Some of the changes includes a rewritten dynamic palette handler (faster, less flickers & snow), fixed hardware sprite collisions, data dumping facilities for developers and hackers, a new default palette and a bunch of fixes and other changes (Full list).

The other good news is that a Windows port of Meka is upcoming. It will be released as an 'alpha' port, meaning far from perfect. I have a few problems working on it myself, since my videocard is not in friendly terms with DirectX, and for this reason I intend to open testing to the willing public. Stay tuned!

I also updated various parts of this site..
I have no date as of yet for when Meka 0.57 will be made available to non-registered users.

Happy new Meka year

Free time brings new softwares. Meka 0.56 is out, will Sega Super Control Station (SF-7000) emulation, supports for the original sprite flickering emulation and many fixes, including the infamous non-working Pause button of version 0.55b. Here is the Full ChangeLog, and here the documentation.

A demo provided with the Disk Basic,
and running on the SF-7000.

Kamikaze, by Loriciels (1982).
Converted to the SF-7000 by Marc le Douarain.

Enjoy what you do
Download Meka 0.56
Do what you enjoy

Merry Meka Christmas

Meka 0.55b is now ready and out, for everybody! This is basically the same as Meka 0.55 with only a few changes related to mouse working under Windows NT/2000 and the fact you can now configure its speed in MEKA.INP. Non-registered users who did not have access to version 0.55 should profit of the zillions changes that version brought - scroll down for informations about it.

Enjoy what you do
Download Meka 0.55b
Do what you enjoy

Also be sure to get all new backgrounds from the themes page!

Meka 0.55 !

Work, work, and lots of work. Did I already said that? Hmm..
I found the time in the past few weeks to actually work and improve Meka as I planned to do before the end of the year. After a short testing session of two days, I won't make you wait any longer: Meka 0.55 is now ready and available for registered users!

So, what's new in this version?

I took the time to rewrite the input system from stratch, adding the nifty configuration tool you can see above, but also improving many related things. For example, you can know use a mouse to play games originally developped for a SMS joypad! Users with joystick/pad should have no more problems configuring their peripherals, as Meka does it nearly automatically now. Sport Pad 2 emulation was added, Paddle Control emulation improved, and the list goes on..

Another change is the long awaited 3-D Glasses support. I wanted to do it right, so beside the standard method of showing only left or right frames if you don't have the equipment, you can even connect a real pair of Sega 3-D Glasses on your computer and use it with Meka! To do so you'll have to build a simple adapter, which is documented is the newly introduced TECH.TXT file.

The good old Venture (Coleco, 1982) does work now!

Maze Hunter 3D (SMS, 1987) - soon! yes! yes!!!

Others things includes builtin documentation, improved Colecovision emulation (as mentionned in a previous news), and plenty of little improvements and fixes. Check the CHANGES.TXT file for a full list of them!

Registered users are getting e-mailed by me right now, other will have to wait the usual undetermined amount of time - which I'll try to keep short :) Before receiving billions of e-mails from people asking to register (and then who disappear forever after my answer), you can know how to register by reading the newest documentation: MEKA.TXT. Enjoy!

And now the usual bunch of people who have changed their e-mail address without telling me:

Jose Garraus,
Maria Amparo Romero and Cuitlahuac Ibanez,
Idan Rabins,
Alex Holland,
Stuart Reid,
Daniel Slotte,
Franch Sommer
That is a lot - I'm losing all users, or what? :-)
If you are one of them, e-mail me with your full contact informations and I'll update my listing.

Some stuff

Apart from the fact that I lost a bunch of important files, things are going well. I've been working on MEKA a bit those days.

Colecovision emulation has been improved, fixing Carnival, Jumpman Junior, Pitfall 2 and Venture. Except for games using special controllers, I think that all Colecovision games are working properly now. Thanks to the various people e-mailing me about it. I'm still looking for someone who could update the compatibility list, else I'll start one myself next week :) The eagle blitter has also been fixed for those who experienced garbage and missing right side. I'm working on other things so registered users can expect a new version during the september month.

Zackman has released an update to his MekaBlit tool, with a previewer and supporting the MEKA.BLT path to be given from the command line.

And finally I added links on this page to two very nice tools by Maxim: SMS Checker and Meka Configurator. Be sure to check them out!

Site redesigned!

I took some time today to redesign MEKA homepage. Those nice MW2/WB3 pictures are taken from a book a friend lent me. I hope you will appreciate this design, please drop me a word if you do. Also be sure to check out the gallery section ^_^

Meka 0.54b released!

Work, work, and lots of work. I made a very quick update to Meka fixing bugs no one would have discovered anyway ;) This is a public version so it is mainly for non-registered users who didn't have Meka 0.54 and the changes it brought yet. Enjoy!

Download Meka 0.54b

And there are three days of vacation soon. Yeah!
Visitor 262144 will be awarded a free MEKA registration if e-mailing me a screenshot with the counter the way it will appears on the page, and a correct guess about what this number is.

Meka 0.54 released!

Guess what? The school year is near over now. I successfully finished my last projects, so until my 6 months internship begin (in two days.. hmm) I'm sort of free ^_^ so Meka 0.54 is now available for registered users with the following changes. And a public version will follow.

If you have time to spare you can read the documentation now, avoiding me to receive a thousands of e-mails asking how to setup joypads or how to register :)

The themes page has been updated with new great Alex Kidd and Phantasy Star themes for which you'll probably want to get the background pictures. Also Nathan Sanders has made a MEKA.BLT editor to make new video mode creation easier.

Meka 0.53c released!

Wow wow! Some little things fixed, and here is a new version for all. Should be stable and working and everything you've been waiting for - let's hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did enjoy spending my saturday night on it ^_^

Download Meka 0.53c

Meka 0.53b released!

Some changes, but not a lot. Mainly bugfixes. I promise to publicly release soon this time. I'm less and less at home and that's only there that I can make release because I need FTP access to do so.

Looking for..
Jose Garraus and Jason Fischer, your e-mail addresses are now invalid. Please contact me with the new address in order to get your registration stuffs updated.

Meka 0.53 released!

Again, lot of changes here and here.
This version is for registered users only, but having just noticed I completely forgot to release the previous version to the public the delay will be small this time.

Terebi Oekaki (Sega Graphic Board)
Throw Photoshop away, Meka is the solution! :-)

Happy birthday Meka! Version 0.52 released

Today is the first anniversary since Meka 0.10 release. Things were really too fast for me and I feel having done so little in that period of time. Anyway. Meka 0.52 has been sent to registered users today with the following changes and also I have just opened a little Meka Themes page. I'll gladly let someone motivated update it, so if you want feel free to e-mail me about it.

Meka 0.51 released!

Celebrating the 100th episode of OverClocked, a new version of Meka was released with a dedicated default theme. Other changes in this version are the ability to use your own background picture in the GUI (as used by this special release), desktop saving and a little fix in SG-1000 emulation, making the compatibility rate for this system reach 100%. And for those who died waiting for the previous version, this one is available to everybody. Enjoy!

Download Meka 0.51

Meka 0.50 released!

Meka now reached the half completion point. lot of changes here and here.

Missile Defense 3D (Master System)
You last played it in 1987 ? Rejoice soon !

Non registered users will have it downloadable one day.
I'm publically sorry for not having answered to all e-mails I did recieve in the past few months. I'm trying to catch up, got three hundred left and it's done. Your support is always welcome and keep assured that anything you sent have been read with care.

Gallery Contest
Want to proove to the world that Master System was the best console ever? ;-)
As of today I'm starting a little contest, consisting it building the nicest Master System picture gallery. You can check a few exemples of nice pictures at the bottom of this page. Send your gallerys (up to 20 pictures) to me !


Tada! It's here, what a fast public release this time ^_^

Download Meka 0.40

Meka 0.40 released!

Finally another new version, lot of changes here and here.

Many changes concern emulation improvements, and the following games are now correctly emulated (or almost, as Sonic Drift 2 still got an odd line on the bottom of the screen):

Altered Beast (SMS): title screen effect is now ok, Cool Spot (SMS): no more minor flickering, Evander Holyfield Boxing (GG): no more blue screen every odd frame, Global Gladiator (SMS): no more minor flickering, Gun Star Heroes (GG): no more glitches here and here, Hang On / Safari Hunt (SMS): fixed a bug preventing to start sometimes, Heavy Weight Champ (SMS): music play on introduction, Hurricanes (GG): no more blue screen every odd frame, Impossible Mission (SMS): room are showing properly when entering, NBA Jam (GG): playfield is ok, PGA Tour Golf (SMS): playfield is ok before game start, Legend of Illusion (SMS): does not hang anymore at the sunken ship stage, Out Run (GG): no more flickering, Orguss (SG-1000): no hang when exploding with the small robot, Safari Hunting (SG-1000): no hang when entering in the game area, Safari Race (SG-1000): better response of button on title screen, Shining Force 1 (GG): fixed random crashes, Shining Force 2 (GG): fixed random crashes, Shining Force 3 (GG): fixed random crashes, Speedball 2 (SMS): no more flickering, Sonic Drift (GG): now works perfectly, Sonic Drift 2 (GG): now works almost perfectly, minor bug on bottom, Terminator 2: Judgement Day (GG): no more blackout every odd frame, WWF Steel Cage Challenge (SMS): no more moving bug on barriers, Xenon 2 (SMS): no more flickering.

Altered Beast (Master System)
What an amazing effect :-)

I could also add that only one game (Shadow of the Beast, because of random title screen crashes without the fix) use custom emulation options from the MEKA.NAM file. So basically all games running under Meka are running with the same and only engine.

Non registered users will have it downloadable in a few days.

Meka 0.32c released!

Oh man, there was yet another stupid bug in the previous version. Depending on the mood of your computer, it could have crashed under DOS, or screwed anything it wanted. Evil, bad bug. Now fixed. Also added an option in the configuration file to change to IPeriod for Colecovision games. Don't even dare modifying the default 215 value if you don't know what it is, thought ^_^

Download Meka 0.32c

Meka 0.32b released!

Meka 0.32 is now available to evil pirates and truly poor people who do not have a buck to spare. In the form of Meka 0.32b, which is the same with minor bugs fixed. So registered users are advised to download it too. Enjoy! *and please read documentation*

(shaking Sega logo)

Panzer Dragoon Mini
(sprites are entire)

Download Meka 0.32b


Meka 0.32 released!
I spent my whole afternoon working on Meka, to track a bug I was searching since ages. And pop, I found the reason of it! Games like Pit Fighter, Panzer Dragon Mini or Greendog are now working properly, and that's good news, since video emulation is now 99.9% perfect (there is still a few things related to interrupt to sort out, however). Also in this version was fixed a little bug introduced in 0.31 as well as some things related to Colecovision were updated (the machine picture do not screw up anymore when freeing a ROM, and the compatibility list was finally update to take account of the changes in the previous version).

Registered users are getting the informations to get the new version in their mail. The other will have to wait a bit. Only a bit, I promise - but that's not a reason not to register :)


Meka 0.31 released!
Wow! The impossible was made, I did work on Meka in the past few weeks :)
So here is a new version, 0.31. Changes includes ZIP support, slighty better Sega emulation, much better Colecovision emulation, an option box and finally many little improvments here and here. A near complete changelog is available by clicking here.

Golden Axe Warrior (Master System)
Also a Colecovision picture featuring a Nintendo game here.

As usual, the newer version is only available to registered users for a certain period. It will be posted here when it'll be available to non registered users.


For evil pirates..
I was away during the past week - now back. Meka 0.30 is now available for non-registered users, so you can download it by clicking on the link above.

Download Meka 0.30


Meka 0.30 released!
It's finally ready to be out! This version represent something special for me, as the emulator is now in the state I would liked it to be on the first release. Now I can start working on more serious things :-)

Japanese BIOS screen

Registered users are getting the new version today, and it will be available for the public in about one week. If you cannot wait to know what's new in it, click here.


Some news..
Yes, Meka is still being worked on. In fact, registered users should get a new version in a not so long time. Stay tuned!

I found a nice drawing of the Meka dragon on a Wonderboy site located here. You can click on the drawing to show it in it's full size. Also be sure to visit the site and learn always more about Wonderboy :-)

Art by Erin Harrald


New month, new version of Meka for the evil pirates you are who didn't registered ^_^

Download Meka 0.20


Meka 0.20 released !
As promised, I took the time to work on Meka this week. This new version implement tons of new changes, and although most are minor, I tried to implement the most requested features. Changes in this version includes, but are not limited to: fixed slowdown with FM emulation on certain games, much improved input system with new options and a way to remap the gamepads buttons, added Sport Pad emulation, improved Paddle controller emulation and detection (now you can play Out Run with it!), slighty improved Light Gun emulation, messages are now shown in fullscreen mode, major checksum and compatibility update, and more options available directly from the GUI. As usual, only registered users have access to the new version for a certain amount of time. If I am in a good mood you can expect to see a public version in a few days.

Picture from Meka 0.20


Exams are finally over, and I am in vacation for three months. I didn't updated Meka since version 0.13.1 but now I will have plenty of time to do so. Stay tuned!


Blah Blah
Not much to say, except that Wonderboy 3 still rocks. Hopefully it will be fully playable with FM enabled in the next version (no more huge slowdown, the same bug appear in R-Type too).

Sport Pad should be emulated soon. Big thanks going to James for the initial hacking and Dennis for having sent his pad to me.

I'm looking for anything related to the SG-1000, SC-3000 and SF-7000. If you live New Zealand or Australia, I think these stuff are not so hard to find. I'm especially looking for SC-3000 tapes - I would like to emulate the tape drive but it would be hard without getting any tape. Also I heard about some magazines talking about SC-3000/SF-7000 programming. Be sure to contact me if you can get some.

Click here - Just give me some time and the rest will be online. Is one per week ok ? :-)


Meka 0.13.1 released
Just a quick update. This version should fixes all the bugs introduced in 0.13. Be sure to contact me if Meka still crashes for you. The few other improvements are mentionned in the CHANGES.TXT file, which you should definitively read.

Download Meka 0.13.1


Non Registered Users..
Meka 0.13 is now available for non registered users. Enjoy ! (and as you may have noticed, the delay between the private and public releases have doubled :-)

Download Meka 0.13

Alright, I recieved several mails from people who didn't even knew there was a registration process for Meka, and/or asking how to register. Open MEKA.TXT and read section 7.


Meka 0.13 released
Meka 0.13 is now available for registered users. Changes in this version includes Colecovision emulation, a way to create your own GUI themes (check the "Girl Power" one at the top of this page), and tons of bug fixes. A full list of changes is provided in the Meka 0.13 package.


Sorry for the lack of updates. Meka isn't dead, I was just busy working for school and trying to earn money by doing some crap jobs ^_-

I some more bugs since the last release, added some new features and Colecovision emulation. The new version should be released at the end of the week.

Big thanks goes to the 16 people who bothered registering Meka. At least a few think it worths some cartridges or 20$. If you would like to register, there is an item on EBay that I would love to get: the Sport Pad (sort of Trackball). You can follow the auction by clicking here. If you have some bucks, this is definitively the best way to spend them :-)

And hopefully this peripheral will be emulated soon *hint* *hint*


Meka 0.12 released
One day latency, is that much ? I will increase the delay with next releases, if no one register :-)
Well, Meka 0.12 is now publicly available for download. Enjoy !

Download Meka 0.12


Meka 0.12 was just sent to registered users, adding preliminary voice emulation, a few new features and fixing tons of bugs. It will be publicly available on this page in a few days.
Special thanks goes to the ones who bothered registering Meka: Alexandre Kubrusly, Peter Hegedus, Spinner 8, Jossa, Dark Savant and Bastian Stein. Keep the cartridges coming :-)

The rom for Mickey Mouse: Land of Illusion was released a few days ago on Emulation Camp. You can get it here.


Two new roms released
For those who were wondering what the Paddle controller was, we (at Emulation Camp) released the ROM for Alex Kidd BMX Trial (a very rare game) today. You can get it here (70 kb).

Another one I promised to release was the Japanese version of Phantasy Star, with the original FM musics. You can download it here (324 kb), and listen to the musics with Meka (or Massage, which supports the FM chipset too). Hopefully some hackers will work on hacking the ROM to re-insert the English text into it. Keep me informed if you are working on such project :-)

Enjoy !


Meka 0.11 released
Fixed sound crashing bug, fixed sound emulation, improved FM emulation. Mapped start/pause to joystick. Fixed Orguss (SG-1000). Fixed Power Strike (SMS).
If you still have problems running Meka, please contact me.

Download Meka 0.11


Thanks a lot for all the positive feedbacks, keep them coming :-)
PSG and FM emulation were both fixed by Hiro-Shi, so you can expect a new release soon, with some other nifty features included ^_-
Ah, by the way.. Meka do not emulates MSX. I don't know who started spreading the screenshot and the rumor, but it's false. Anyway, since the system is very similar to the SG-1000, I may add support for it one day. Just don't take it too seriously, and stop trying all keys combinaisons finding secret features: all shortcuts using CTRL were broken in the release version.


Meka 0.10 released
As promised, I finally released a first public version of Meka. I spent the past three days working on the emulator, but this version is far from what I wanted to release. As a result, many planned features are missing (I will add them later), and *sound was disabled by default*. Follow the instructions in the documentation if you want to enable sound emulation, but beware: it is buggy and you will experience crashes if enabling it. Enough said. Enjoy, and keep retro-emulation alive !

Download Meka 0.10


Phantasy Star. Released in Japan in 1987. Probably the best 8-bit game ever made. Did you ever heard the real musics of this game ? The original version supports the YM2413 FM chipset, which is emulated in Meka. Get the rom and try comparing the musics, you should notice a little difference :-)

Title Music (190 kb) - Dungeon Music (276 kb)
These musics were recorded on a real system, but it doesn't sound very different in Meka. Thanks goes to Yakmo for having recorded them.

Yesterday was Emulation Camp's two years anniversary. Be sure to check it out. We also released the ROM the Master System version of Power Strike 2 (which is completly different from the Game Gear version).

I spent some time working on the interface, and fixing small bugs. There are still some major sound issues to fix, so Meka wasn't released yesterday, as it was "rumored" on Emulation Camp (actually, I wrote the rumor).

I recieved several e-mail from people asking on which operating system MEKA is running. The answer is DOS, and all pictures were taken from the DOS version. Windows and Linux are still being worked on.

Some links if you are really bored: (courtesy of Mortal Kastor)

Sorry for the lack of update. I was very busy working on other projects. I fixed dynamic palette emulation (introduction in Power Strike 2 for Game Gear), nationalization (Pop Breaker) and various bugs here and here. I also finished converting the (huge) compatibility list to a new format, and added even more entrys and comments in the checksum list.

Meka has now entered in beta phase 41. Hopefully beta 43 should be public.
You can expect a release on April 1st (or 3rd, as Lance McKay requested it for his birthday :-).

Today I took the time to work on the emu and fixed tons of minor bugs. Got "Castle" to run (very good and addicting game !). I also removed pending interrupt support, as it was broking a few games. Mxs completed the Game Gear compatibility and checksum listing, with all games informations. Screen refresh in text mode (used in the Sega Basic) was slighty optimized.


New rom release today: Sega Basic Level 2 (with Japanese support). It was just dumped by Skyhigh. Click on a picture to download it (19 kb). Also, be sure to click on the banner at the top of the page. Despite what people said about Classicgaming, I am able to release roms thanks to them (I have about 150 unreleased roms lying on my hard drive, and I cannot put them on Emucamp). More are coming..


I have just received the new FM emulation code from Hiro-shi, and it sounds amazing. I will also include software emulation (the same as used in Massage) for people with slow PC, but you will miss something very cool. I also finished my Wonderboy 3 patch so you can play in American mode with FM musics, it's gonna rocks! :-)

I will post the second version of the Sega Basic on this page later (probably tomorrow), and (more interesting) I have decided to release a first beta version of the emulator very soon - but with some unfinished part of the GUI.