Active since 1997, we are an international force of enthusiasts interested in the following gaming/computer systems:

And their regional variants (Korean Samsung Gam*Boy, Taiwanese Aaronix consoles, etc.). All generally referred to as "Sega 8-bit" systems, being 8-bit Z80 CPU based Sega systems.

Our project:


This site was founded at the end of March 1997, first under the name "SMS Camp". It later evolved into a generic emulation site called "Emulation Camp" then split, went back into focus and was renamed to "SMS Power!" in 1999. Many people have joined our community since then and are working hard in order to make this site and our projects a reality.

Plan, Part 1

Our first step is to have all Sega 8-bit software (games) data archived, sorted out and released to the public. Archiving software data (often referred as "dumping a ROM", although this terminology doesn't apply to tapes, floppy disks and non-ROM based cartridges) is important because some of this old software is very difficult to find nowadays. Some media are also prone to being damaged and might disappear forever if they are not preserved now.

One nice effect of having software archived is that you can use and enjoy it by the means of a software emulator or a special writeable cartridge/device. This is the meat of enjoyment for many people, who just wish to enjoy games they played in their childhood. However, please primarily think about our work as historical preservation.

In addition to dumping, which is becoming an easier process nowadays, lots of work is put into verifying and labelling new and existing data, and comparing variations that may exist between different countries or re-releases. This is a tedious job, often requiring deep knowledge of the games and analysis based on the original box, game media, documentation, or reverse engineering program code. Only this work can allow us to have a clean and definitive listing of games one day.

To achieve this, we have many questions to answer, problems to solve, hardware to analyze or construct, software to locate and obtain from all around the world, etc. Many people participated by donating their time, knowledge, software or money. They are listed on the contributors page. As this project is ongoing, your contributions still are, and always will be, welcome.

Plan, Part 2

Second step for SMS Power is to transform into a big Sega 8-bit museum, providing a definitive resource for:

  1. Games
    Including, but not limited to: worldwide release information, ROM dumps, box and media scans, manuals, screenshots, reviews, cheats, technical information, credits, soundtracks.
  2. Hardware
    Including, but not limited to: worldwide release information, pictures, technical specifications, possible hacks.
  3. Media
    Scans, movies, and photos of advertisements, magazines and related goodies. SMS Power aims to be a growing community. Lots of fun and knowledge is being shared and discussed daily in our forums. Please visit and register there!

How to support SMS Power?

We need your support in order to continue!

If you have any question or wish to help us, visit the forums or contact us.

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