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View topic - 24 Taiwanese Hung Tao Hsin (HTH) releases.

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24 Taiwanese Hung Tao Hsin (HTH) releases.
Post Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2021 7:28 pm
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(Reminder: we are holding the yearly coding, music, hacking competition to celebrate SMS Power! 24th Anniversary on March 27!)

About ten years ago we released an odd Alex Kidd in Miracle World dump extracted from a Game Gear Taiwanese cartridge. After more years of research and collecting of bootleg titles I was able to uncover a lots more.

A company called "Hung Tao Hsin", also referred to as "HTH", released a quantity of Master System games in Taiwan in the form of Game Gear cartridges. For those not acquainted with the hardware, the Game Gear is hardware compatible with the Master System and therefore those games are "regular" Master System roms.

Plenty of bootlegs were released in Asia in the nineties, often in the form of compilation X-in-1 cartridges. The Hung Tao Hsin releases from Taiwan are notable as they were single title, with box and manual, frequently borrowing quality art from Japanese releases.

Unlike some other boxes series (such as the "nameless" ones with GGxxxx product numbers), the HTH releases (with HG xxx-xx product numbers) were generally scrubbed of references to Sega, sometimes replacing them with their own name:

As with Taiwanese Aaronix release, I'm not 100% ruling out the possibility that those games were actually legit licensed from Japan, but in tradition with Asian releases they sometimes use dubious naming and the name inside the program do not always match the one on the box. The worst offender in term of inconsistency is "Action Boy" which uses artwork from "Maze Hunter", has a manual mixing up info for "Maze Hunter" and "Bubble Bobble" and the game is actually "Seishun Scandal (My Hero)".
Below we will be listing games by including the english name on the box, the chinese or japanese name on the box, and the name of the actual title contained within.

Another thing HTH did with their release is that they commonly made the games easier by patching the number of lives initially available. The following games (may not be an exhaustive list) have been patched in this way: Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Aerial Assault, Black Belt, Doki Doki Penguin Land, Double Dragon, Final Bubble Bobble, Hokuto No Ken, Paperboy, Quartet, R-Type, Scramble Spirits, Shadow Dancer, Strider, Submarine Attack. See:

So those dumps are essentially Taiwanese hacks from the nineties.

So far we've gathered 25 dumps and releasing 24 new ones today:

HG 201-11: Aerial Assault / Kōng zhòng chūjí (空中出擊) = Aerial Assault
HG 101-10: Alex Kido / Tiānkōng mó chéng (天空魔城) = Alex Kidd in Miracle World (already released)
HG 101-02: Alocos / Shízì jiàn (十字剣) = Argos no Juujiken ("Rygar" in the west)
HG 101-07: Shàngwèi mìnglìng (上尉命令) = Secret Command (English name yet unconfirmed)
HG 101-19: Black Belt / Sa! Rèxuè gāoshǒu (サ!熱血高手) = Black Belt
HG 201-01: Bubble Dragon / Chāojí pào pào lóng (超級泡泡龍) = Final Bubble Bobble (Bubble Bobble)
HG 201-33: The Cyber Shinobi / Space no Ninja (スーペースの忍者) = The Cyber Shinobi
HG 201-02: Double Dragon / ???? = Double Dragon (missing chinese reading)
HG 201-46: Forgotten Worlds / Shìjièno mòrì (世界の末日) = Forgotten Worlds
HG 101-17: Great Basketball / 94-Nen Super Basketball (’94年スパーバスケットボール) = Great Basketball
HG 201-04: Northen Ken / Běidǒuno quán (北斗の拳) = Hokuto No Ken
HG 401-21: Kung Fu Kid / Mójiè lièzhuàn (魔界列傳) = Makai Retsuden (Kung Fu Kid)
HG 201-05: Lord of Sword / Yuè fēngmó chuán (月風魔傳) = Lord of Sword (Lord of The Sword)
HG 256-06: Action Boy / Kuài dǎ xiǎozi (快打小子) = Seishun Scandal (My Hero)
HG 101-23: Paper Boy / Yínsè xiānfēng (銀色先鋒) = Paperboy
HG 101-03: Astro Adventure / Yǔzhòu dà màoxiǎn (宇宙大冒險) = Doki Doki Penguin Land
HG 201-15: Prince of Persia / Alipapa Densetsu (アリパパ伝説) = Prince of Persia
HG 101-28: Quartet / Cí xióng shuāng xiá (䧳雄雙俠) = Quartet
HG 401-01: R-Type / Yìxíng (異形) = R-Type
HG 201-09: Scramble Spirits / Hǔ dǎn miào suàn (虎胆妙算) = Scramble Spirits
HG 401-06: Shadow Dancer / Yǐng wǔ zhě (影舞者) = Shadow Dancer - The Secret of Shinobi
HG 201-47: Shadow of the Beast / Guǐ yǐng shòuno wáng (鬼影獸の王) = Shadow of the Beast
HG 401-02: The Strider / Tūjī fēilóng (突撃飛龍) = Strider
HG 201-31: Submarine Attack / Hóngsè shí yuè dà fǎnjí (紅色十月大反擊) = Submarine Attack
HG 201-03: Thunder Blade / ???? = Thunder Blade (missing Chinese reading)

If you have access to more Taiwanese bootlegs please get in touch!

(Thanks to Billy Lin for proofreading the Chinese inputs)

Aerial Assault.jpg (138.62 KB)
Aerial Assault.jpg
Alex Kido.jpg (143.02 KB)
Alex Kido.jpg
Alocos.jpg (122.88 KB)
Black Belt.jpg (120.31 KB)
Black Belt.jpg
Double Dragon.jpg (133.18 KB)
Double Dragon.jpg
Forgotten Worlds.jpg (152.11 KB)
Forgotten Worlds.jpg
Four games.jpg (294.83 KB)
Four games.jpg
Kung Fu Kid.jpg (146.93 KB)
Kung Fu Kid.jpg
Lord of Sword.jpg (148.49 KB)
Lord of Sword.jpg
Scramble Spirits.jpg (127.15 KB)
Scramble Spirits.jpg
Shadow Dancer.jpg (160.11 KB)
Shadow Dancer.jpg
The Cyber Shinobi.jpg (156.17 KB)
The Cyber Shinobi.jpg

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Post Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2021 7:31 pm
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This message will auto destruct itself someday.
25 HTH releases for Game (2.57 MB)
All of them in one archive

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Post Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2021 10:32 pm
I am always deeply impressed how you manage it to find all these treasures. Well Done, Bock!
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Post Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2021 5:36 pm
Have to love that anime dramatic Paper Boy art. :D

As to Double Dragon, I know apparently in Japanese the kanji reading is "Sousetsuryuu" (or at least according to the No-Intro title for the Famicom versions) but that first kanji seen in the logo doesn't seem to be a proper Japanese kanji (looks more like one of the obsoleted w- kana).
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Post Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2021 6:28 pm
I LOLLED at "Bubble Dragon" :D
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