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Welcome to The Sega Notebook.

Find hints and tips for your favorite Sega Master System games! The Sega Notebook is a compilation of instruction manuals, strategies, tips and cheats for Master System games. Most of the information contained in this site comes from our experience playing the Sega Master System. Therefore, most of the information has been personally verified by us. A small amount that comes from old gaming magazines which we have not verified is explicitly labeled unconfirmed in each instance.

We have had a lot of fun playing the Sega Master System. We hope that, in some way, this site helps other SMS players enjoy the Sega Master System as much as we do.

Site Design

This site focuses on games. Our goal is to provide an archive of useful information, where SMS gamers can find instructions or gameplay hints for a variety of games. We believe that a web-site should be unique, and offer something original to the reader. You will not find reformatted reproductions of other web sites here. Although some of the information can likely be found elsewhere, we have tried to provide detailed explanations that are clear and concise. If you find anything on the site to be vague, ambiguous or inaccurate, please let us know. Every graphic on this site is original to The Sega Notebook--scanned, drawn or dumped by the authors.

We also feel it is important to preserve the character and authenticity of the original information. Therefore, all text taken from the games is reproduced exactly as it appears in the game, with minimal editing (limited mostly to the display constraints of HTML, CSS, and the different browsers). Spelling and grammatical errors are reproduced as in the original game text or instructions. If you are sure we have made a mistake, please inform us.

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Action Fighter Instructions Notes After Burner Instructions Notes
Alex Kidd in High Tech World   Notes Alex Kidd in Miracle World Instructions Notes
Alien Storm Instructions Notes Alien Syndrome Instructions Notes
Altered Beast   Notes Aztec Adventure Instructions  
Black Belt Instructions Notes Bomber Raid Instructions Notes
California Games Instructions Notes Castle of Illusion Instructions Notes
Choplifter Instructions Notes Cyborg Hunter Instructions Notes
Double Dragon   Notes Dragon Crystal Instructions  
Enduro Racer   Notes F-16 Fighting Falcon   Notes
Fantasy Zone   Notes Fantasy Zone: The Maze   Notes
Gangster Town   Notes Gauntlet Instructions  
Ghost House Instructions Notes Ghostbusters Instructions Notes
Global Defense   Notes Golden Axe   Notes
Golvellius: Valley of Doom Instructions Notes Great Basketball Instructions  
Great Golf   Notes Great Soccer Instructions  
Hang-On   Notes Kenseiden   Notes
King's Quest: Quest for the Crown Instructions Notes Kung Fu Kid   Notes
Land of Illusion Instructions Notes Line of Fire Instructions  
Lord of the Sword Instructions   Maze (The Snail Game)   Notes
Maze Hunter 3-D   Notes Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord Instructions Notes
My Hero   Notes The Ninja Instructions Notes
Out Run Instructions   Out Run 3-D Instructions  
Penguin Land Instructions Notes Phantasy Star The Phantasy Star Pages
Poseidon Wars 3-D Instructions Notes Power Strike   Notes
Power Strike 2 Instructions Notes Quartet   Notes
R-Type Instructions Notes Rambo: First Blood Part II Instructions  
Rampage Instructions   Rastan Instructions Notes
RC Grand Prix   Notes Rescue Mission   Notes
Rocky Instructions Notes Safari Hunt   Notes
Sagaia Instructions   Shinobi   Notes
Space Harrier Instructions Notes SpellCaster Instructions Notes
Spiderman Instructions   Teddy Boy   Notes
Thunder Blade Instructions Notes Time Soldiers   Notes
Transbot   Notes Ultima IV Instructions Notes
Vigilante Instructions Notes Wonder Boy Instructions Notes
Wonder Boy in Monster Land Instructions   Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap Instructions Notes
Y's: The Vanished Omens Instructions Notes Zaxxon 3-D   Notes
Zillion Instructions Notes Zillion II: The Tri-Formation   Notes

What's New?

This is a list of changes to the content of The Sega Notebook. Included on the list are newly-added notes pages and instructions, or new graphics or hints for existing pages. Not included are minor formatting changes, or coding changes for cross-browser compatibility. Please see What's New on The Sega Notebook.

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