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Active since 1997, we are an international force of enthusiasts interested in the following gaming/computer systems:

And their regional variants (Korean Samsung Gam*Boy, Taiwanese Aaronix consoles, etc.). All generally referred to as "Sega 8-bit" systems, being 8-bit Z80 CPU based Sega systems.

Our project:



20th anniversary eve: unreleased games, prototypes and rare Taiwanese games

Posted Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:30 pm by Bock

Tomorrow March 27, 2017 will mark the 20th anniversary of the site once called "SMS Camp"! The site was founded with the intent of dumping and releasing Master System games. We somehow kept on doing that! We also grew as a small community of hobbyist, programmers, hackers, mappers, musicians. And we miraculously kept every forums posts intact. I hereby nominate us as the most persistent and resilient website ever. Thank you everyone (and our partners/friends/families for coping with us nerds!).

We are running the traditional yearly coding / music competition with the flexible deadline of March 27-ish (any timezone), so you still have time to put an all-nighter and take monday off if you want to submit your entry! Sometimes after that we should start to post entries in the Competitions.

In the meanwhile, I have a handful of new ROM dumps to share.

1. We've got David Robinson's Supreme Court for the Game Gear, which is an unreleased game. It was apparently developed in 1991 by Acme Interactive Inc along with the Megadrive/Genesis version, and somehow the Game Gear version never saw the light of the day/ I've acquired two prototype copies of this a long time ago and it eluded my dodgy dumping hardware and adapters for a long time. Charles McDonald was kind enough to build a new custom adapter for me and finally today I have managed to get a reliable dump for this.

Here's the catch: those specific cartridges were demo versions hardcoded with a stream of scripted inputs data. But the game appears to be quite full featured (near completion), so someone should look into it and try to disable the demo mode. Anyone? *EDIT* See comments for the patch.

2. We've got Street Battle for the Game Gear, also unreleased. This is however none other than another one of Innovation Tech attempt to bring Korean games to the US, and the game is basically Jang Pung II with a new title. That specific build appears to be closer to the Korean Master System release, where one of the character was modified and it is also 512 KB (which mostly redundant data) unlike the more common Game Gear incarnation.

3. Brace yourself, we've got an absurdly rare Taiwanese incarnation of Hudson Soft's classic Star Soldier / Yǔzhòu zhànshì (宇宙戰士) for the SG-1000 which no-one appears to know about. This is a DahJee release on a beautiful green cartridge and it requires their custom adapter (also absurdly rare) to extend the SG-1000 II RAM so that it can run those MSX-1 hacks.

4. We've got Konami's arcade-gardening-shooting game Pippols / Shénqí huāyuán (神奇花園) for the SG-1000, also using the Jumbo/DahJee adapter and also a port from Konami's prolific era of MSX releases. As with every Taiwanese release this was pretty tough to find and it was a surprise that it even existed.

5. We've got a Super Off Road Prototype for the Game Gear, borrowed from an anonymous benefactor. The ROM image appears diff as radically different from the final retail version, and the zip file is 2 kb smaller which is a probable indicator that there's probably unfinished things in this version, but I haven't investigated it further yet.

6. Finally we've got the US version of Battletoads for the Game Gear which is pretty much an unexciting 3-byte header variation of the Japanese/European version, which for completeness I hadn't a chance to obtain until 2014 and the sort went into my unsorted stash for a long time.

That's it for today! See you tomorrow for the competition entries!

Sky Fighter (SMS/KR), Cave Dude (GG Proto), Action Fighter & Captain Silver Protos

Posted Sat Aug 06, 2016 6:40 pm by Bock

Phew, long time without any new releases. Let's get to the meat of this!

We have finally managed to get our hands on a copy of Sky Fighter (보라매 전사) for the Samsung Gam*Boy / Master System, a shooting game from 1990. The game was discussed in HG101 article on Clover Soft, showing a single screen from an advertisement. It was apparently released on both MSX and SMS, but up to this day the MSX version hasn't surfaced. This SMS dump of the game is the first version available on the internet. The vertical shooter is reminiscent of Aleste / Power Strike with weapon changes, stationary shooting bases. Even though it isn't as good as most official releases and has horrendous music, it is quite playable and has a place among the higher quality original Korean titles.

The game was very kindly sold to us by retroworldkorea.

Our second dump today is Cave Dude for the Game Gear, an unreleased prototype among others Innovation Tech tried to get released on the Game Gear in the US. The game runs in Master Syste compatibility mode. Somehow it appears that a few of those Innovation Tech cartridges have been doing the round among collectors. The game was also developed in Korean and known as Toto World 3 there, and is also best known as a part of the Australian 4 Pak All Action compilation. Our new dump today is actually pretty much identical to the version in 4 Pak All Action but as extra copyright and other information that were blanked out for the compilation.

We're not done yet! We have got a Prototype of Action Fighter for the Master System, that we are labelling [v0] in contrast with the retail [v1] and [v2] versions. The prototype has yet to be studied for differences, but one interesting thing is that its High Score table contains names that were removed in the final release:

(on the left, the new prototype) (on the right, the retail version)

With so little known about the developers behind some of those early games, the presence of SETSUO, WAKIHARA, KAWAMURA, FIGHTER, HANEDA, KENJI may be of interest to game historians.

Finally, our fourth release today is a prototype of Captain Silver for the Master System. It is based on the stripped down 128 KB version but it hasn't been examined for differences with the retail game yet.

According to our notes this should be our 908th release (probably +/- 3 considering our notes and counting gets a bit dodgy sometimes).

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap Remake & Monster Boy

Posted Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:31 pm by Bock

Two unusual but exciting news! You may have heard them elsewhere or on our forum but we thought it'd be worth posting a proper front-page news blurb here.

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap is getting an official modern remake!.. created by none other than yours truly. I have opened a small studio with my friend Ben Fiquet in Paris and we started working on this project which got picked by a publisher (DotEmu) and we untangled the licensing to do it legally and release it.

The game will be for Consoles/PC at least and we haven't announced a release date yet.

You can check the official website and announce video trailer at:

And there is a forum thread too:

Another Parisian game studio, Game Atelier, are creating a game called Monster Boy, which is designed like a spiritual and semi-official sequel to the Wonder Boy/Monster World series, which draws lots of inspiration and contents from The Dragon's Trap and Wonder Boy in Monster World.

The game will also be released on various Consoles/PC and is planned for release in 2016.

More on their website including their gameplay trailer:

There is also a forum thread here:

So that's a whopping two Wonder Boy style games to be released on modern platforms soon!

SMS Power! 19th Anniversary Competitions

Posted Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:22 pm by Maxim

It's nearly 19 years since SMS Camp Power! was founded. As usual, we're having competitions to celebrate by making awesome things in time for the anniversary on 27th March.

You can read more and find out how to enter here:

Competitions 2016 discussion thread

Operation Taiwan! (Late) Releases Part 7

Posted Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:50 am by Bock

Acquired a handful of new Taiwanese cartridges this year with a few new variations. Here is a first batch!

Action Fighter / Mó zhàn chē (魔戰車), the early classic release in its very rare Taiwanese Mark III incarnation.

H.E.R.O. / Qīng fēng xiá (青蜂俠) for the Aaronix SG-1000 II. A variant of the previously released version which had a Chinese logo. This one has an English logo following a pattern where many games were released with both sort of logos. This is one of my favorite SG-1000 game, check it out. I have a personal bias as this is perhaps the first SG-1000 game I have played (back in 1988 in Cairo, SC-3000 and software were on sale there for some reason).

Hustle Chumy / Wánpí shǔ (頑皮鼠) for the Aaronix SG-1000 II. This is a very simple hack where apparently they just blanked the "COMPILE" name on the game screen.

Rock n' Bolt / Mótiān dàlóu (摩天大樓) for the Aaronix SG-1000 II. Also an English main logo variation following the Chinese main logo version dumped a few years ago.

Super Columns & Tetris (KR), three E-Swat prototypes

Posted Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:29 pm by Bock

Back in the hot summer, we've got some new dumps to release!

Super Columns & Tetris (슈퍼 컬럼스 테트리스) (referred in-game just as Super Columns) for the Master System. A rare Korean release from 1990 with the luxury of not one but two clones in the same cartridges. And they both have a 2 players mode!

We also have not one, not two but three prototypes of E-SWAT for the Master System. Back when it proudly said on the title screen THE ULTIMATE FACTOR IN THE BATTLE AGAINST CRIME followed by a typo on the difficulty selection screen. I got hold of those a long time ago but they stayed unsorted for a while. One of the dump was kindly donated by Arnold. Paul has taken the time to figure out their ordering (read his notes). Any other notable differences?

Developers, take note of the mini-rush-programming competition for July 8!

Hong Kil Dong (KR), Paperboy 2 [Proto] (GG)

Posted Mon Apr 06, 2015 11:29 am by Bock

Back with more dumps!

We've got a very rare Korean exclusive and original, Hong Kil Dong (홍길동) for the Master System / Samsung Gam*Boy!

Quoting Derboo who extensively researched Korean gaming:
An autoscrolling run 'n gun based on the traditional Korean story Hong Gildong-jeon. The titular hero has to fight ghosts and demons, on his way to the boss (which he fights after mounting a cloud) in each stage he can also open treasure chests, which contain several powerups.

This game offers a good opportunity to take a brief look at the original tale, as it's only the first of many games that are based off or reference it. Hong Gildong is the son of a Yangban, the Korean gentry during the Joseon era (1392 to 1910). Yet he finds himself at the lower end of the caste system because his mother was a mere concubine. So despite being extraordinarily gifted, he has no perspective of social advancement, and isn't even allowed to refer to his father as such. Because he is marked as cursed, his family attempts to have him killed, but he flees and becomes kind of a Korean Robin Hood. At the end of several adventures, he conquers the demon-infested island Yuldo and establishes a nation without social discrimination. The tale is popularly attributed to the 16./17. century scholar Heo Gyun, which is not entirely undisputed among historians of Korean literature.

The game has been originally advertised by a company called Saeron System, but at least the Master System version was published by Clover in the end. Who actually developed the game is not known. The game is extremely rare, despite it being a giveaway at magazine raffles for years.

Note: if you are using MEKA, the game only started functioning properly from MEKA 0.8x 2015-05-01 build. It uses the R register during boss fight, which was incorrectly emulated by MEKA up to this version. The game will probably function correctly on other emulators such as MESS or Emulicious or Dega Fusion. Thanks to segmtfault, Paul Baker and Calindro for helping me with getting the game running on Meka! (see discussion thread).

We've also got a prototype dump of Paperboy 2 for the Game gear.

Last but not least, make sure to have a look at the Music & Coding Competition entries for this year. Many of the entries receive an update since March 27, and awaiting for your votes!

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