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Tensai Bakabon (Sega Master System): English Translation

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I was approached by a friend, cccmar, about the potentially working with him and TheMajinZenki on translating this game in late December. Both had their eyes on it for awhile, as it's essentially the only remaining notable untranslated game on the system (I wouldn't really call Brazilian shovelware games notable). The game's quirky atmosphere intrigued me, so I accepted the offer.

Tensai Bakabon is apparently a highly requested game to be translated... well, as highly requested as you can get for a niche console. The first translation attempt for this game started in 2008, but was quietly cancelled. Despite this, their notes on the SMS Power forum made starting the project more approachable. So I'm thankful for the thread existing.

My main concern was being able to dump all the text properly. Not because it was difficult but because the easiest method was tedious. Pointers are stored in (what I assume to be) a scripting language. I discovered where to set an execution breakpoint that allows for pointer locations to be extracted easily (it's 0x101D, in case you're curious). cccmar surprisingly stepped up to the plate and located the large majority of them, which I am very thankful for. With that done, the project started going places.

This is my first experience making Z80 assembly language patches. It's also my time implementing a variable width font hacks. Coding in Z80 assembly is quite unintuitive coming from 6502 assembly, but over time, I came to understand how to manuever the language. Let us know if you spot lines we missed. The dialogue decompression buffer was relocated in RAM to be above important registers. This isn't a problem, unless the data loaded in is very huge. So if you encounter a non-repointed pointer, a lot of invalid data will probably be read, which will overwrite important registers and crash the game.

Testing the game was kind of a pain as it required cccmar and I to discover every possible way to trigger lines, some of which are very obscure. There's text that pops up when your inventory is full, when you don't have enough money, etc. that had to be accounted for.

This game is rather text heavy and this project is the only translation project for this system to leverage VWF hacks. You could say this ends the Sega Master System fan translation timeline with a bang.

Included with this patch is a translated manual. It's quite a lovely manual, and has some information that's easy to miss while playing the game, so make sure to have a look at it.

This game doesn't seem to be based on any specific episode, but all the characters appear in the second series at some point, Ganso Tensai Bakabon.

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The patch is a Beat patch. Either use the Beat patcher or patch your rom here:

No IPS patches will be provided.

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2022 May 5th
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