The short version

Send your scans to Maxim by email. If your email is very large (>25MB, I think) then send multiple emails. Don't forget to tell me your forum name so I can credit you.

Please note the Licence we provide scans under.

Scanning guidelines

The short version

Scan to PNG at 300 or 600DPI with all image enhancement turned off. Clean up if you want.

The long version

For items with many pages, scanning can be onerous. In general, we are happy to accept lower quality for these cases.

What are we looking for?

  1. Anything we don't already have!
    • This especially means Game Gear and SG-1000 scans, but pretty much anything that you can get into a scanner that is Sega 8-bit related.
  2. Better scans of things we already have. If you see a low-quality image, we'd love to have a high-quality one. If you see a dirty or damaged item, why not scan your minty new one?
  3. Any variation of a cover - down to the tiniest detail, if it's a variation then we want to document it.

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