Tatooine The Gun Cave The Slug Cave The Obi Cave The Brown Cave The Dog Cave The Rock Cave The Sandcrawler Mos Eisley Street The Cantina Bar Hanger 94 Death Star Landing Bay Death Star Hallway 1 Death Star Control Room Death Star Core Death Star Hallway 2 Death Star Crawler Death Star Trash Compactor Death Star Hanger 2 Luke Run To X-Wing Trench Attack Run

Trench Attack Run

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Tatooine, The Gun Cave, The Slug Cave, The Obi Cave, The Brown Cave, The Dog Cave, The Rock Cave, The Sandcrawler, Mos Eisley Street, The Cantina Bar, Hanger 94, Death Star Landing Bay, Death Star Hallway 1, Death Star Control Room, Death Star Core, Death Star Hallway 2, Death Star Crawler, Death Star Trash Compactor, Death Star Hanger 2, Luke Run To X-Wing, Trench Attack Run

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