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Wonder Boy (USA, Europe) CRC 73705c02

Hack by Lennux aka EmuBoarding


This Wonder Boy hack started in 2013 and thanks to Calindro and his great Emulicius I managed to do almost anything I wanted. Hope you like it.

I changed the main character, his girlfriend, some enemies, the color palettes, the characters' names, the final text and much more. Unfortunately I didn't find the graphics on the title screen so I had to adapt it as much as possible.

I decided to make 3 patches. Normal, Easy and Very Easy. The first is just the modifications leaving the difficulty of the game the same. The second the vitality bar fills up as soon as you eat something. And the third one besides the bar you don't die when you encounter animals, stones, fire and etc ... you just lose vetality.

I also put the modification that lets you choose up to stage 10 via secret code. Before, I only left it until stage nine.

Hope you like it! This is already the final version.

Thx to Calindro and Brazilian romhacker Mr Fox!

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