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Royal Stone V1.2 GG2SMS Conversion pack by BcnAbel76 - 2017-05-15

For example: In map [2] is Start, if you choose a Character then [2] is Select/Action, or plug Megadrive Controller then [Start] is Start, long press is Select so) YEAAAAAAAH !!!

Royal Stone V1.1 GG2SMS Conversion pack by BcnAbel76 - 2017-04-21

This pack consists of 4 ips patches:

Royal Stone ENG V1.1

Royal Stone JAP V1.1

Royal Stone ENG Developer V1.1

Royal Stone JAP Developer V1.1

Choose your language and patch original Game Gear Rom Then if anytime a bug appears choose developer patch, try to backup your data file to your hard disk, and continue "gaming/testing" with developer rom to determinate if bug is for hacking or for original game

This is an extract about Aeon Genesis describes about known bugs:

4.Known Issues

--Some minor graphical garbage appears on certain animation frames during combat sequences. Only occurs on some emulators (happens when using Dega, but not with Meka or Bizhawk.) OK in Emulicious

There are a few known issues with the game itself not caused by the patch: --In Round 15, there are two major foes - an enemy commander and an underling. If the commander is killed before his cutscene with the underling, the game crashes. --After promoting a character to the Evoker class, it's possible to dismiss a monster that doesn't exist. It's also possible to select this monster in battle, which can cause unpredictable results. --Scrolling through the spell list too fast during combat sequences can cause incorrect text to be displayed. The spells will still function correctly, however.

Please report any bugs, spelling errors, and such on The Pantheon ( Screenshots are preferred, as are savestates.

Royal Stone V1.0 GG2SMS Conversion by BcnAbel76 - 2016-09-19

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