About Me

  My name is Gary Pierce, most of you know me as Youltar. I grew up in Central Wisconsin, United States and live there today. My first introduction to the Sega Master System was back in 1988. I received one for Christmas that year, I was 11 years old at the time. I did not get any games other than the hang-on game built into the system. The following year around Easter, we had several days off from school. I choose to work those 3 days and earn some money for Sega games. The first games I bought were Double Dragon and Golvellius. Between the time I got my SMS and when I purchased those games, I spent a lot of time down at the local video rental store which also had Sega games. I remember renting Ghostbusters on more than one occasion as well as Zillion, Space Harrier and Shinobi.

     Now unfortunately because I got into the SMS so late in the game. The Genesis was on the verge of its US release. I HAD TO GET ONE. I begged, pleaded and dealed with my parents to get me one of those. Well for my birthday in 1990 I received one. All I can say to that is "Rise From Your Grave" The second I heard that my mouth dropped. There was nothing, I mean nothing on the market to even come close to compete with it. Over several months I accumulated several good titles for it. Among them included, Mickey Mouse : The Enchanted Castle, E-Swat, Joe Montana Football and Abrams Battle Tank.

     When I heard about Phantasy Star II I wanted it VERY badly. Since I got my SMS so late, I never was able to find this game. I had a friend who once had it, but all I had were stories of this fantastic game and never had the chance to play it. Imagine my delight when I found out the sequel would be placed on the Genesis.

     One summer day a friend of mine was over and we were playing Joe Montana Football as usual when my parents told me they were going to go do some shopping. I asked my mom to pick Phantasy Star II up. Well much to my surprise when she got home she told me that Phantasy Star was sold out. But she did get a different game. Now mind you my friend and I were pretty excited to be getting something else to play besides football. She handed me Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. I thought it was some cruel joke. So to amuse my parents and to rub it my face. My friend put it in and started playing the game. I could not believe what I was watching. The one game that should have sucked beyond all belief based solely on the title turned out to be one of the greatest games I have ever played. I have beaten only one other Genesis game more than moonwalker and that was altered beast. To make a even happier ending to it all. I did receive PstarII about 3 weeks later and after about 1 solid month of playing we finished it. People can cry all they want about Aries being killed by Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII. I know that Sega did it first when Nei died. At least to me they did.