Hello, this is SmsCartPad. My little niche on the great place we call the World Wide Web. I have a passion for this piece of hardware known as the Sega Master System. I know it's possible a few of you out there have no idea what that may be, well it's a videogame console from the mid to late 80's that died out in the early 90's here in the United States. What I have done is put a list of things to gather to help you make some neat little modifications to your SMS as well as a few others allowing you to use some SMS equipment on your PC via emulation. I also collect these games and have posted a list of some titles I am in need of. I encourage you to take a look, you never know what you may have laying around that I may be interested in.

Having said that, you may be wondering where the name for SmsCartPad came from? Well it is a combination of a few things. I had an idea one day to make an adapter for my computer that would allow me to play my SMS games (via MEKA) using my actual Sega Master System game pad rather than a keyboard. I built this adapter inside a real Sega Cartridge. thus resulting in SmsCartPad. More info about this is posted inside my Mods section.

Thanks for stopping by and Enjoy!