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Help with and emulator
Post Posted: Sun Jul 25, 1999 8:52 am

I´m a 19 years old student of Zamora, a small town (60.000) of Spain.

I´m studing Telecomunications in Valladolid, near Zamora. But the main
reason of this email is that I´m writing a Sega Master System emulator

I´m using the Marat´s Fauzullin Z80 Engine,
althoug very modified by my. My emulator, called Calypso, is and idea
of make a Nesticle for the SMS. The main object is in C++, and the GUI
is also in C++. The SMS routines are in C and in assembler. The Z80
engine is in C.

The emulator is capable of run Sonic The Hedgeog, the intro
of several games, etc... but I have several BIG problems, and I decided
to write here because yours probably had had the same problems, and know the

The main problem is that Sonic the hedgeog is out of sync. Explanation:
when the game starts, the Sonic make rare things, like fall down
whitout any obstacle, kill whitout any monster, etc... The game is
unplayable. I think that the problem could be associated whith the
values of Lines in the VBlank period of the number of opcodes per
scanline. Other games, like Sonic II, make a loop, expecting something that
don´t occur (I´ve a debbuguer). Could you help me? Did you have the
same problem? Could this be relationed with the sprite colision

Thank you by reading this mail. And sorry by my poor english. I
didn´t pass my June examn :(.

Thanks. My email direction is:

[email protected]

if the above don´t work:

[email protected]
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