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After Burner Cover
Post Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:18 am
Here's a cover I made of After Burner from After Burner 2. This cover was inspired by the melody version and the S.S.T. Band's cover. The video also shows off my current Sega Master System collection at the start and shows my SMS running After Burner when the song begins. I had nearly forgotten that I had started work on this cover until I bought a Power Base Converter and the SMS port of After which motivated me to complete it. Let me know what you guys think of it. Any feedback is welcome.

P. S. I know I'm missing most of one of the instrument track (a background synth that can be heard clearly in the rhythm only version of the song), but that was intentional. I could only get one part of it to sound right and while I did at one point have the entire track in the MIDI file, it just sounded wrong for some reason. Without it, the song feels slightly empty to me during two sections of the song starting at 3:25 and 5:25, but that's probably just because I'm being extremely neurotic about this since I want it to be perfect. That said, the S.S.T Band version is missing that track entirely so I guess I have no reason to feel bad.
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