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[VGM Pack] Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (SMS) & (GG)
Post Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 1:35 am

I came across this game while doing the usual rounds. From the getgo, I suspected Matt Furniss, based on how the music paced and several recognizable effects typical of his pieces. I started with the GG version which had no credits posted. So I only confirmed my suspicion about it after beating the game.

There are 2 pieces that's it. At the end of a stage, about 1s of the second song plays before being cut. Not sure why a separate effect/melody wasn't made. This game is more like a Probe game than many Probe games. It uses the typical engine present in many of their games. It might be better for me to think of it as a Hollingworth element than a Probe one.

I also went and also did the SMS version. There is a speed difference, which can probably be mirrored just by changing the play rate in the player, but I haven't done a pack in a while, and I was fascinated trying to prove it was Matt Furniss. Should have checked the SMS page.

Although this game has music very indicative of Matt Furniss's style, I also wonder if Double Dragon (GG) was composed by him, or someone else using the same engine. I wonder did the sound programer also contract out to other companies? As far as I know, Shaun Hollingworth and Matt Furniss always worked together on games together during this period of time. Matt isn't listed on DD, but is he the author?

As usual extras took longer than trimming. Perfect loops, all tracks. Memory doesn't serve, but I wonder if this might be true of all of Matt Furniss' tracks?

update: composer confirmed as Matt Furniss
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