Here he is, the hero of the hour! MAT YEO, the Boy Wonder! Or should that be Wonderb-

Cor blimey, Chief, if it’s not one thing it’s another! There you are, minding your own business, when suddenly you’re turned into a dragon! Poor old Wonderboy, he’d just saved his land in the last epic instalment of the Wonderboy saga and now he’s a flicking lizard!

If you’ve been following our little friend on his quest for truth, justice and a signed picture of Maureen Lipman, you’ll love this stormer of a sequel!

The action takes place in Monsterland once again and sees our hero taking on even more vile villains bent on destruction.

The game kicks off with a great option where you either start a new game or continue an old one using a password system (very ‘andy). Press Start and prepare to face some pant-wetting action! You begin by battling through a castle to find the dragon. On your way you encounter snakes, ogres and skeletons. They’re easily despatched with a quick swipe of your sword so won’t give you too much hassle. Find the dragon’s lair (sounds like a good name for a game!) and kill the beggar!

Unfortunately, nothing in life’s free and Wonderboy must pay the price for his bravery. With it’s last dying breath, the monster curses Wonderboy and turns him into a dragon!

Wonderboy’s second quest is to find a cure for his affliction and rid his land of the evil that’s infested it (I’m wasted here, aren’t I?)! His sword and shield are replaced with flame breath as he goes into dragon mode.

There are loads of levels to explore and tons of beasties to defeat. Wonderboy (or should that be Wonderdragon?) roams the land, jumping over obstacles, swimming through water and generally having a dragon... er, whale of a time!

Wind of change

Despatching creatures awards you with helpful objects. Getting hit by a creature will knock your energy down so be warned! Lost energy can be replaced by picking up hearts dropped by slain monsters.

Pressing [1j displays your inventory of gold pieces, lives and weapons, which include whirlwinds, arrows, lightning and boomerangs. Activate these by selecting them, pressing Start then holding down and [2]. Use them sparingly as you’ll need some for later!

Explore every level and find as many items to help you as possible. Some doers are hidden or hard to get to so use your noddle! Other doors hide shops where you can buy extra items to help your perilous journey. What we have here, folks, is a cracking good game from an already popular series.

As usual, the Game Gear pumps out some dead cool tunes and jaw-dropping graphics. Extra touches like the password system make it a lot easier but this is still one tough nut to crack! If you liked the rest you’re bound to get a kick outta this!


I love a game that combines arcade adventure elements with a touch of hack ‘n’ slash. Not only does Wonderboy III have these in abundance, there are some stonking graphics and ace effects to boot! With some smashing in-game ditties, super scrolling, plenty of life force and some handy continues, you can’t go wrong with Wonderboy III. Get it now, flame-breath!

ADE 80%


SF Rating

78% - Great password option and easy to use menu system
86% - Colourful, cartoon-like sprites and smooth scrolling
71% - Great tunes and sound FX
83% - Easy to start with but gets tougher after Wonderboy falls into the dragon’s trap
88% - Should keep you glued to your GG for ages (to be this good takes…)


A smart platform game with a large dollop of fun!

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 09

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