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With Saturday afternoon wrestling axed from our telly, Americans filled the gapwith 18-stone lycra-clad loudmouths! The biggest craze Stateside has taken Britain by storm — the game follows...

At last, Game Gear owners can take part in bodyslammin’, canvas-slappin’ action against some of the best wrestlers in the WWF league. We say ‘best’, but you never know how good some of them are. Most of their stunts look dangerous, but with all that baby lotion slapped on their torsos, they hardly land on the canvas — more like slide!

Now it's you can ham it up and show off in before the cameras as you put opponents through their paces. The old faithfuls are here: Hulk Hogan. Ric Flair. Randy Savage and The Undertaker are just a few of the ten you meet in WWF: Steel Cage Challenge.

Rage in a cage

Play against the computer or another player. Two can team-up to tackle a computerised opponent.

One-on-one is a straightforward match, where pinning an opponent to the canvas ensures a win. The tag-team option gives the choice of a partner and the two of you take it in turns to dish out well-rehearsed grapples.

Oh, we couldn't waffle on about WWF: Steel Cage Challenge without mentioning the eponymous cage itself, and which makes this sim differ from other wrestling games. The Steel Cage option puts you and your opponents behind a steel cage (no surprise).

Ffirst wrestler to climb to the cage's top wins. It's your job to ensure the other man-mountain doesn't reach new heights. A good tug on their shorts ain't enough.

Once you've mastered the set moves, there's every chance you'll rise in the ranks and claim your reward: two bottles of lubricious baby lotion!

PAUL 48%

Agh! WWF Steel Cage Challenge is probably the most frustrating game on the GG. It suffers the same problems we endured in the MS version, ie, basic moves can be executed with ease but throws and special moves are difficult. To use them, you're supposed to get in close and grab onto anything belonging to your fellow wrestler. This is nigh-on impossible, and when you do grab him, he usually lifts you in the air and throws you out of the ring.

Graphics and sound are very good. Animation is excellent and in-game tunes and effects don't grate on your eardrums.

It's a pity about the controls, but what can you do with two buttons? Even with the inclusion of the Steel Cage match, WWF goes down as a bit of a turkey.

ADE 57%

The main attractions of wrestling simulations are the variety of moves and how well they're executed. WWF: Steel Cage Challenge’s problem is that most things happen by accident. There are times when you haven't a clue how you flung someone over your shoulder or pinned them to the canvas. Annoying.

Moves are limited — punch, kick, punch, kick. A couple can only be executed when you're really close to an opponent and — as throughout — there's little skill involved; a couple of button presses and the hope that something will happen! This is a real pain.

A pity about the gameplay, because the graphics are up to the standard we've come to expect of Acclaim. The sprites are small but well defined, animation can't be faulted. The sound's pretty unconvincing. No gutsy grunts and groans and an average theme tune.

If you're a wrestling fan who's been gaggin' to get their mitts on a GG game of this genre, you may persuade yourself to go out and buy it. Pity I can't persuade you, 'cos WWF: Steel Cage Challenge ain't mind-blowing stuff. I hope Hulk Hogan isn't reading this!

MF Rating



An above average game but it will only appeal to die-hard WWF fans

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