Holy cow! Space Invaders have launched an attack on Earth (again)! No one’s safe — not even the cows! With the protection of dairy animals in mind, the Deadheads venture forth.

Super Space Invaders are back! And this time they want our bovine livestock! No Daisy or Gertrude’s safe as the sideways-moving sprites plunder Earth once more!

Defeat each wave of aliens to progress to the end-of-level guardians saving as many pints of milk as possible.

However, the aliens have learnt new tricks. Realising that floating slowly sideways makes them an easy target, they’ve altered their formations and now scream down at you from all directions! To redress the balance, your ship can equip itself with special weapons by shooting the obligatory ship that flies across the top of the screen. These weapons include bouncing laser bolts, hyper-laser and rapid fire, plus shielding bases.

Options allow a two-player game via the data socket, selectable difficulty levels and choice of level to start on.

Paul suggests… ‘GIVE IT A TRY’

Cor blimey! I thought I’d been through a time warp when I first smacked this on! Super Space Invaders plays and feels like the original!

So what’s new? Crisp sprites, very colourful and atmospheric backgrounds, good sound, more options and better gameplay. Oh, is that all?! Gameplay hasn’t greatly changed, but the aliens have taken a leaf out of the Galaxians’ book and stopped being predictable. Mind you, that mothership’s still there, flying as slowly as ever, as if he’s got a ‘shoot me’ sign stuck to his back!

The inclusion of end-of-level baddies gives Super Space Invaders more purpose. Trouble is, they’re too hard. You get heat-seeking missiles, barrage upon barrage of laser beams and lunging tentacles heading in your direction and your only defence is a farty laser! And your evasive manoeuvres limited to left and right... yeah, that’d fool any missile, wouldn’t it?!

If you like Space Invaders, buy it. If you don’t, give it a try — it might appeal to you, depending on whether you were swept along in the original Space Invaders euphoria.

PAUL 80%

Mat wonders... ‘WHAT’S THE POINT?’

What can you say about Super Space Invaders? It’s Space Invaders and it’s super, right? Wrong! The original was hardly anything to shout home about and now we get a revamped version?! What’s the point?

The object of the game’s the same; the only differences are the bonus levels and improved background graphics. The bonus level’s all right, ‘cos you have to save a herd of cows from being calfnapped by a bunch of lager-drinking aliens!

An alien ship flies across the top of the screen every so often and drops a handy extra item. These don’t last long but are handy anyway.

The challenging part comes in defeating alien motherships after each wave. These monstrosities are a pain in the butt, as they rain heat-seeking missiles which are nearly impossible to dodge!

As far as addictiveness goes, this has very little. It lacks the appeal of other shoot-’em-ups (such as Halley Wars) and even makes you long for the original game!

Try not to be too tempted when it comes to buying this cart ‘cos there’s better out there!

MAT 64%

SF Rating

76% - Loads of options, Gear-to-Gear link, nice intro graphics
78% - Revamped old-style graphics — nothing new but adequately done
71% - No in-game music but good, powerful FX
73% - Easy to play and understand. Well, it’s Space Invaders, innit?!
69% - Might well bore the average gamesplayer after a while


Great for fans of the original but tiresome for others

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Sega Force - Issue 13

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