He’s back! The blue streak spins and loops once again, defeating evil and freeing the odd rabbit wherever he goes! The SF deadheads take his latest game for a spin!


[Directional pad]
Left and Right set Sonic sprinting in the appropriate direction. Hold Down for a spin attack and Up Down to look in those directions.
Tucking in his legs and head, Sonic flattens his spikes as he bounds upward, in which state he's invulnerable to most enemies.
Sonic automatically completes the level, collecting all the rings, makes you a cup of tea, clears the national debt… Er, the same as [1].

If there’s one thing you can say about Doc Robotnik, he’s persistent! Yes, he’s up to his old tricks again (world domination and overdue library tickets) but this time he’s got a new crime… KIDNAPPING!

Sonic’s loveable friend, Tails the Fox, has been cub-napped and is held captive in the Crystal Egg (isn’t that a gameshow?). In the true spirit of friendship, good old Sonic’s gonna free him. Or is he?

Sonic’s got all his trusty abilities. He spins and jumps his way out of trouble, which is just as well ‘cos this time Robotnik really means business. This is gonna be Sonic’s toughest test! Rumbling mine carts and precarious precipices (say that when you’re drunk!) make Sonic’s life a right bitch!

Sonic has a few new talents to master. He must hang-glide or fall faster than Eldorado’s ratings! He’d better brush up (a Tails joke if ever I heard one! —Ed) on his front crawl, too, ‘cos it’s sink or swim time in the Aquatic Lake!

However, Sonic has a few tricks up his sleeve (do hedgehogs have sleeves?). He bounces across water, a bit like the famous bomb, when you repeatedly press the jump button! He can travel inside air bubbles and float around the levels!

The Chaos Emeralds still have to be found to progress to South Island, where the evil Doc must be defeated.

But before Sonic can even get near the island, he has to complete seven levels of frantic fun, kill each end-of-level robot AND collect the seven emeralds from their hidden locations. PHEW!

Looks like Sonic has his work cut out for him. And all this for a fox!


Underground Zone: Stand on the slope, time your jumps over the bouncing bombs and they destroy the creepy-crawly for ya.

Sky High Zone: Spin to destroy the chicks on the upper cloud, drop down and finish off the eggs below, then spin-jump on the bird.

Aqua Lake Zone: Wait for the seal to blow up the balloon and balance it on his nose. Now jump and spin onto the ball to knock out the seal. Green Hill Zone: Watch out as this bugbear rolls into a ball. Wait until he stops then roll into him to finish the furry devil off.

Gimmick Mountain Zone: Look out for the beast on wheels! Jump over it when it attacks then spin-jump to kill it off. Wheel done!

Scrambled Egg Zone: Meet up with your metallic counterpart with the spike! He flies as well as runs, so spin-jump to the death!

Ade drools… ‘IMPRESSED!’

Those peeps at Sega are a clever little tot. They’ve produced a totally different version of Sonic 2 for the MS and I bet they’re hoping all Mega Drive owners who own a Master System will buy both versions!

As Paul says, the first couple of levels have a weird colour scheme, which initially put me off. In fact, my first feeling was ‘Oh God! This is gonna look crap!’ But after the ‘are we expecting too much from this?’ factor had worn off, I was suitably impressed.

There’s a lot more to MS Sonic 2 than first meets the eye. Look very closely and you’ll notice some of the scenery’s different in places. Bash this and you find loads more secret rooms than there were in the original.

The main sprite hasn’t changed, control’s the same and he still moves like a good un’. Don’t expect split-screen action and two-player mode here, folks; the set-up’s the same as the first game.

Like Sonic, the sequel may prove to be a blrrova doddle to hardened game-freaks, but the new elements (ie, hang-gliding etc) make for a more enjoyable game.

I only have two gripes: each stage is in need of a few more bad guys and the sound’s a touch weak. Nothing too major!

Sega have done well with this follow-up. I’m sure the decision to go for a different look wasn’t taken lightly but it works well. Sonic 2 has the edge over the original on gameplay rather than looks. Go get It!

ADE 93%


Clever old Sega! Instead of trying to scale down the MD version, as they did with the original, they’ve opted for a totally different game — and well good it is, too!

Sonic bounces around with real speed, Jumping on clouds and splashing around in lakes! They haven’t changed the controls and thus haven’t altered the feel of the game. Great!

Presentation’s good, though there are some bland colours on the first two levels (see Taz-Mania for how MS graphics can be) and the sound isn’t ‘thumpingly good’ (though check out the Aquatic Lake level — well nice!) but these aren’t major complaints, just little niggles.

So Sega have delivered the goods a second time around! Sonic breathes again with new moves, new mates, seven levels of play, each with end-of-level meanies to bash, and those all-important ‘£2.99 at Ratners’ Chaos Emeralds to collect! OH BOY!!You’re gonna be twice as busy with this hedgehog!

PAUL 89%

SF Rating

80% - Good static pics of Sonic and Tails between levels, no options, no continues
85% - First couple of levels are bland, Aquatic Lake looks good. Good animation, slick scrolling
79% - Jaunty theme tunes we’ve come to know love. Nice sound FX
93% - The extra elements make for a more playable game. Sonic’s easy to control, responds well
91% - Seven levels and final showdown. Not overly difficult but plenty of hidden areas


More tasks than the original. Doesn’t look as good but plays like a dream

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 12

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