Persia’s Grand Vizier was so impressed with the Prince’s girlfriend he kidnapped her! The swine’s locked her in a chamber on the highest level of his castle.

As you may have guessed, it’s your princely duty to rescue the fair maiden. Oh, if only it were that easy! You have to leap chasms, scale walls and slice up anyone who tries to stop you.

On your merry way, mind-blowing puzzles must be solved so put your thinking head on and get ready for swashbuckling action.

BEN SAYS: ‘This is one in the eye for MS critics. What a brilliant game! The graphics are stunning, absolutely packed with detail, the controls are easily mastered and the gameplay's challenging yet addictive.

‘The Prince is very life-like as he clings onto ledges and leaps the giant chasms which lie between him and his beloved. The puzzles make Prince Of Persia a game for older members of the family as well as the young un’s.

‘By far the best MS game I’ve seen in a long time. Brain-teasing without being tedious. Top marks (almost!).


Sega Force magazine (Ben the Boffin)
Sega Force - Issue 18

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