Forget Ali Baba and Sinbad, ADRIAN PITT’s got a much bigger buckle to swash! Baddie-bashing and damsel-rescuing are his thing!

Whether you’re a fan of platform adventures or not, if you don’t get Prince Of Persia for your Game Gear I’ll give ya a bloomin’ good sheikh-ing! This is THE game to purchase for your handheld. You take the role of a brave and fearless prince. The task in hand’s to save the pouting Princess from the clutches of the evil Grand Vizier. He’s locked the fair maiden in a chamber, which just happens to be on the top floor of his luxurious castle.

You have just 60 minutes to trek through dungeons, palatial rooms and finally the tower where the Princess is held. Can you save the little lassie before the venerable Vizier has his wicked way?

Prince Of Persia’s one of the best games you can plug into your Game Gear. The puzzles are so clever. Knowing which pressure pads to touch, which potions to drink and routes to take has you foxed for ages.

Fighting plays a huge part in the game. On early levels it’s pretty cinchy, but lo and behold, things get tougher from Level 4!

Graphics and gameplay are superb. The visuals have converted nicely from Master System to Game Gear and there are no probs with scrolling. I dare anyone to fault the animation! Both sprites and backdrops are true to life and incredibly atmospheric.

Silence is golden!

There’s very little to brag about, sound-wise. There are no in-game tunes, but thank Heaven, I say! Who wants to be annoyed by cutesy ditties? Silence adds to the already eerie atmosphere. There are some great spot FX, though.

There are plenty of options to fiddle with and a password system if you’re not up to playing from the beginning each time.

Prince Of Persia has everything: A platform romp to enjoy, puzzle elements to master and hack ‘n’ slash sequences a-plenty. Grab a pen and paper ‘cos mapping this is gonna take some doing!

II you’re fed up to the back teeth with spiky blue hedgehogs and long for a new challenge — a game that’ll keep you engrossed for an age and keep you out of your mother’s way — get Prince Of Persia! Domark have a sure-fire hit on their hands. Miss it and weep...


Prince Of Persia hops onto another machine and just keeps getting better! There are very few differences between this and the MS version. The figures are small but well-defined, the levels are huge and you really have to use your noddle when it comes to problem-solving! The sword fighting, potion drinking and chasm leaping make this a sure-fire hit! Expect to see this in everyone’s Top Ten and on your shelf, sitting snugly between the Barbara Cartland novels and the signed photo of Kenny Rogers! Prince Of Persia’s dead good!

MAT 91%


SF Rating

87% - Nice introduction, options and useful password system
95% - Great for the Game Gear. Ace animation, atmospheric backdrops
79% - Few ditties, good title tune nice spot effects and combat noises
94% - An extremely challenging game. Good control, plenty of puzzles
87% - Twelve levels of action, increased difficulty but tricky to complete.


This should go Top Three in the Game Gear charts!

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 09

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