We’re on a mission from God! Secret documents vital to the nation’s security have been pinched. Some dozy prat left them in his unlocked car! The Deadheads go in pursuit.

When you’re a spy, you generally have a lot on your plate. What with killing enemy spies, trading information and trying to keep your name out of the papers, you’re bound to forget something.

Unfortunately, you forgot to lock your car — which just happened to contain secret papers! If they fall into the wrong hands you might not have a country to protect!

Another big mistake was to tell your boss ‘cos he’s put out a warrant for your arrest! The only course of action left open is to chase your car and retrieve those papers, quick smart!

OutRun Europa’s a cross-country, bump-off baddies and stay-on-the-roads game, with a little police-dodging thrown in for good measure!

You first give chase on a motorbike, then jet ski, the odd Porsche or Ferrari and a speedboat. Turbos give that extra burst of speed to keep within the time limit, and your standard-issue pistol’s ideal for fending off the odd helicopter pilot! You can pick up bullets and shields along the way but you’ve gotta spot ‘em quick!

The enemy organisation’s minions constantly try to ram you off the road but you can give them a hefty shove so they taste hedge row!

Don’t dawdle or you won’t make the ferry. And remember, don’t let the cops pull you over — it’s a heavy fine if they see your bald tyres! And to quote the old TV commercial, ‘It’s a flickin’ awful contribution to road safety’!

Mat yells... ‘FAST AND FURIOUS!’

Cor, this takes me back a bit! I previewed this little beauty way back in the mists of time (Issue 7, to you lot!) and US Gold have finally seen fit to launch it!

OutRun Europa has the potential to be a real GG hit! Yep, there’s more than enough seat-of-the-pants action to satisfy even the biggest adrenalin junkies!

Remember to keep a firm grip on those handlebars as you take corners at high speed while dodging pursuing cop cars! Skim across the ocean on a swift jet ski and avoid treacherous helicopter fire! Lose all your shields and meet a speedy death! See what I mean?

Fast and furious action coupled with some t’rrfflc graphics mean this is a real treat for all GG owners. The sound’s a bit tinny but the FX are good enough to add a little realism.

The only gripe I have is the lack of continues, which makes Europa a bit too frustrating. However, the use of different vehicles, fast pace and sheer skill needed to complete the game more than make up for It.

Give OutRun Europa a spin, it’s a corker!

MAT 79%

Paul yawns... ‘IT FAILS TO EXCITE’

I drove all night to get to you! Actually, It was to get back from flickin’ Ludlow but that doesn’t fit song! The latest driving game roars onto the Game Gear with extraordinary averageness! Although US Gold haven’t put a foot wrong with this conversion — the road and scenery graphics are very good and sonics are decent — it falls to excite purely because the plot’s very outdated.

The idea of driving down roads, bumping off the odd car and using the odd turbo has now, I fear, reached the end of the road (groan!). All of Europa’s ideas have been used before on different games and different formats.

Of course, it you happen to enjoy these games, you’ll love OutRun Europa, but if you’ve grown out of these shallower racing games, you’ll appreciate this about as much as a group of Korean clifftop monks!

PAUL 68%

SF Rating

74% - No options, but a nice demo and good title screen
81% - Faultless graphics and good scrolling. Impressive!
76% - Nice title tune, but only the usual car revving noises
79% - Easy controls, though oversteering’s a problem at high speeds!
68% - With only five levels, you’II find it a little easy to retrieve the documents


Great for driving game freaks, not so great for others!

US Gold
Out now
Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 13

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