This is a classic coin-op game starring Tiki the Kiwi. His girlfriend, Phee Phee, has been bird-napped by Tiki’s arch-enemy, Wally the Walrus. It’s your job to race through the parks and zoos of New Zealand, 21 levels in all, shooting baddies and rescuing your kiwi mates, who are also held hostage.

Tiki fires arrows, flings thunderbolts, lobs bombs and plasma balls. He also flies in hot air balloons to reach higher levels and leaps into warp zones to locate hidden areas.

Snails, bats, spikes and slimeballs must be avoided il Tiki’s to see his sweetheart again!

BEN SAYS: ‘This is great! It’s really colourful and captures the feel of the arcade game superbly! The graphics are 16-bit quality.

‘There are loads of levels, most of them are pretty tough. The number of weapons and extra goodies on offer make it more fun. Rescuing your mates then killing the end-of-level guardians is really rewarding.

‘Sound is good, although the main tune does start to get on your nerves after a while.

New Zealand Story plays well, looks good and has long-term appeal. This is how a platform game should be done!’


Sega Force magazine (Ben the Boffin)
Sega Force - Issue 17

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