The expensive Sega 3-D glasses have spawned few games to take advantage of the 'revolutionary' peripheral. Blade Eagle, lost payability by its confusing visual depth. Space Harrier 3-D has yet to arrive, but in the mean time Maze Hunter is an addition for 3-D spec wearers.

You are the Maze Hunter, a warrior obsessed by conquering mazes. Now you face the ultimate challenge - The Labyrinth, The game's a blatant copy of the classic Atari coin-op, Gauntlet, a format previously lacking on Ihe Sega. But it's restricted to single-player action, which immediately loses game potential although to a limited degree the 3-D effect makes up for it.

You begin unarmed on Sublevel 1 (three to each of the four levels which make up an Area), in a four-way scrolling maze, shown in plan view. Aliens approach as you explore, and can be dodged by jumping, or killed with an easily found Ninja-style fighting cane.

Contact with aliens, or stepping into the void from a low maze level, results in the loss of a life and returns you to the level's start.

Sublevels are played in groups of three, descending into the screen by using warp tunnels. A gate key is required for access to the next level or area. Keys are found lying in the maze corridors, contained in question-mark boxes, as are other useful objects such as more powerful weapons and increased speed.

You and the aliens are always on the same level, so the depth matching problems of Blade Eagle aren't present. As the Sega glasses also allow full-colour within the effect, some atmosphere is gained by the 3-D without it being a distraction.

Sound is simple, not living up to the visuals in any way, but the real problem is the generally dull gameplay. Gauntlet's main excitement is the horde of monsters gradually sapping your energy. A few aliens which can instantly kill you are poor adversaries in comparison.


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