Is Master Of Darkness the Peter Cushing of the handheld world, or the Gary Oldman? Or perhaps The Count from Sesame Street?! There’s a lot at stake...

It’s the turn of the century and London is bustling with activity. People flock from all over the world to visit its wonders.

However, the peace of this sprawling metropolis is about to be shattered. When night descends, the streets become enshrouded in a strange fog. Doors are bolted and few dare to leave their home.

One night the silence of the back alleys was pierced by a heart-wrenching scream! A violent murder had taken place, an innocent woman the victim.

Eye witnesses said the killer simply ‘disappeared’ into the fog. As the weeks passed by, more and more murders occurred, yet the police could find no trace of the madman.

As the country’s leading paranormal investigator, you, Dr Social, have been keeping a close eye on recent events. A message has appeared on your Ouija board, warning of evil near the river Thames.

You make your way there and discover who’s been behind the murders. It’s the Lord of Darkness himself, Dracula! The Black Prince is terrorising the city with zombies, killer dogs and bats. It’s up to you to stop him or die trying!

Master Of Darkness is set across five levels of intense platform action. There’s a timer running and each section has to be completed quickly.

Various useful objects are scattered around, including stakes, bombs, swords and axes. Use these to destroy the creatures and guide you to safety. The final level is set in Dracula’s castle. Can you find the vampire’s coffin in time or will you be turned into one of the undead yourself?

Mat yelps... ‘SCARY STUFF’

Vampires seem to be all the rage at the moment, what with the recently-released Francis Ford Coppola movie wowing audiences the world over (easily pleased, obviously — Sub Ed). So now the GG gets a look at the gory action!

Handheld Master Of Darkness is identical to the MS version, reviewed in Issue 12. The graphics are still well detailed, even on the GG s tiny screen, and the spooky atmosphere is intact.

Even though there are only five levels, they get progressively tougher. The levels are split into three sections, with a big guardian to trash at the end.

Roaming the streets is pretty scary stuff so it’s best to get yourself an arsenal. Collect useful weapons such as garlic, stakes and hammers and use ‘em to rid the city of evil!

Be sure to pick up diamonds. These useful gems are best used when there are loads of bad guys on the screen. Touch the diamond, there’s a flash and they’re gone!

Between-level sequences help set the scene and a few continues have been chucked in to help you out. What more could you ask for?

A decent platform game that should prove challenging to novice and expert players alike. Definitely one to sink your teeth into!

MAT 82%

Paul Squeals... ‘SPOOKY’

Good platform games are few and far between on the GG so I was eager to see this little beauty. When you boot up the cart, you’re greeted by a very atmospheric intro sequence telling how vampires have invaded London and Dr Social is the only chap who can save the day. (I’ve always been a bit sceptical about this Social chappy — he sounds a bit too friendly!) It’s during this intro that you get the feeling this is going to be rather good.

Highly-detailed graphics accompany the game. London Is decked out in all its Gothic glory, complete with swirling mist! The sprites are large and move very smoothly. The sound’s not bad, either, with a haunting Intro tune and good, loud In-game FX.

Identical to the MS version, it suffers from the same faults. The action can get monotonous and later levels are really difficult, bordering on frustrating!

But on the whole, I enjoyed this adventure. Perhaps I was in the mood for a good old-fashioned platform game or perhaps it’s because this piece of quality software deserves to be played.

If you like this kind of game, Master Of Darkness goes down as a great buy. Happy hunting!

PAUL 80%

SF Rating

78 - Atmospheric opening sequence, continues prolong gameplay
85 - Exactly the same as in the MS version, small, detailed and well animated
83 - Given the right tone with the help of spooky tunes and gruesome FX
76 – Controls are simple to get to grips with and respond very well
80 - Gets progressively harder and guardians are tough. Continues help


Not the most original game around but a challenge and loads of fun

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Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 16

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