We remember all those great Bond movies, like You Only Spy Twice, A View To A Doctor, Never Say Octopussy and The Man With The Golden Grahams. The latest spy spectacular is showing at a console near you... soon!

The most famous spy of all time makes it onto the Master System with a bang! James Bond, 007, has just one objective: save the world at all costs. An evil criminal mastermind, Professor Greypen, has concocted a devious plan to take control of the world’s governments, involving the construction of an artificial island somewhere in the South Pacific.

From this island, Greypen intends to launch a shuttle that will place a powerful satellite into space. The satellite’s armed with a lethal laser cannon capable of destroying any target on Earth. With this floating death threat, Greypen could hold the planet to ransom.

An emergency summit’s called and world leaders decide a lone agent must travel to the island fortress, take on the mad professor’s men and stop the satellite from being activated. The man for this task is James Bond!

Armed with the latest gadgets, guide Bond through four tough levels to complete your mission. Each section’s guarded by vicious thugs, killer creatures and deadly automatic weaponry. Use ladders, platforms and ropes to reach the end of each section and take on guardians such as Jaws and Oddjob.

Along the way you’re required to rescue hostages and destroy certain objects, such as generators. Special weapons, extra lives and continues ensure you’re not frustrated early on.

Are you up to the task, 007?


These hove a nasty habit of firing when you least expect it so approach with core and get ready to jump quickly!
Although these guards are hall deaf, they’re equipped with automatic pistols. Get caught in their firing line and you’re full of lead!


I reviewed the MD version of James Bond: The Duel back in Issue 13. The MS version not only improves on the gameplay, it even manages to equal the MD in the standard of graphics! Bond has some brilliant animation that flows just as well as anything in Prince Of Persia. He ducks, he leaps and stamps his foot like a certain hedgehog if you leave him standing for too long.

Each level’s split into three sections, which makes it a challenge and gives long-lasting appeal. Extra continues mean you don’t get too ticked off when you die.

One moan I do have is that the collision detection isn’t brilliant — you can wander right up to guards without them twigging on! Performing jumps from ropes and vines is tricky and requires patience to master.

The whole game certainly looks and feels like a Bond movie, with sprawling jungles, high-tech labs and over-the-top villains thrown in for good measure. MS owners who enjoy a decent platform game could do worse than give James Bond a blast (just watch out for the shrapnel!).

MAT 82%


[Directional pad]
Moves James around the levels and up and down ladders. Selects options on the title screen and chooses special weapon when the game’s paused.
Whips out the old Walther PPK and fires off as amny rounds as you wanna fire. Selects options that been highlighted on the title screen.
Make Bond do an acrobatic jump onto platforms, ladders etc. There is an option to alter the key configuration so you can choose what each key does.

Paul yells… ‘GREAT MS GAME’

How do you like your Master System games, then, kids? Shaken but not stirred! Whatever your pleasure, I reckon you’re gonna love this!

James Bond is a great 8-bit release, destined to set new standards in MS graphics, sound and playability. It plays like a dream and will please anyone who’s gagging for a good platform shoot-’em-up!

The plot and action follow the MD version closely but the MS game flows better — the action’s less jerky and controls are much more user-friendly. One in the eye for the MD owners, eh, game-freaks?!

My only gripes are you can’t fire diagonally at baddies in portholes or on higher platforms, so most of the time you duck and jump bullets as you strive to rescue hostages and complete the level. The inclusion of special weapons, although a nice touch, doesn’t serve much purpose! Still, these are minor points in an otherwise brilliant game.

If you’ve got a Master System and want a playable game that presents a tough challenge, I happily recommend James Bond— it’s a winner!

PAUL 86%


Pick these up when and where you can ‘cos they contain extra missiles and grenades to help you through the later levels.
Blow these up and you reveal one of two things — bugger oil or a lusty, busty hostage that needs saving.
Phwoar! These darlings need saving so make sure you blow up all the doors you find to save all these babes!
These are restart points, so if you touch one of these on your travels, you start there again when you die — and you will die!

SF Rating

80 - Option screen lets you change control setup and difficulty level. Continues at the end
78 - Clean and colourful backgrounds, smooth character animation and realistic sprites
64 - Weak theme tune and in-game music. Sound FX aren’t powerful enough to work
81 - A definite improvement on the MD. Levels are easier and Bond responds well to controls
77 - Although there are only four levels, sections get progressively tougher


A smart MS platform game that sticks close to the films. Enjoyable and challenging

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 17

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