First we got their burgers, then they gave us game shows, and now the stars of American road safety commercials remind us to belt up whenever we get in a car. Whatever happened to our very own Jimmy Saville, and his Clunk-click, every trip'?

Sick and Spin are Crash Dummies with no money and nervous tension! They'd like to cake a long, relaxing holiday in die Caribbean but their bank manager won't let them, so the only way they can raise the readies is to do odd jobs.

Their first job is stunt work for a new movie. The plot dictates that a character falls from a building, tearing through canopies and swinging from flag poles until he crashes to the ground. A tad too dangerous for a human being, don't you agree?

So did the producers, so they employed the Crash Dummies — after all, they're designed to come apart! Every time they perform a stunt, they earn money. Gather enough cash and they move onto the next job...

Snow job for a Dummy

...Which involves a car. an air bag and a big brick wall! The Dummies test drive the car around a course, collecting air cannisters (they've got a leaky bag!) and avoiding obstacles. Bonuses include cash and extra lives.

If the Crash Dummies smash into the wall with a plumped airbag. they collect the dosh — after they've put their heads back on!

Off to the piste for a spot of skiing next A new ski run has to be tested before it's opened to the public, and the Dummies must hit a minimum of 15 slalom flags while avoiding trees and rocks. For extra money, they can smash through snowmen and perform stunts.

Another job awaits at the local bomb factory, where an arsonist lights some of the bombs' fuses before they reach the end of the assembly lines, and he's throwing down Crash Dummy parts. The real Dummies have to blow out lit bombs and smash Dummy parts. It sounds simple, but when there are three belts full of bombs and parts, it's hectic.

Rocky mountain... hi!

The last mission is tough. A missile has to be steered over a landscape, while avoiding automatic defence systems and rocky outcrops. The Dumfries combat the effects of moon gravity, using a thruster to both accelerate and decelerate.

Survive long enough and they find a crash pad. To earn a perfect score, the missile has to crash, nose down, in the middle of the target.

If the Crash Dummies survive these jobs, they go back and start all over again, but face tighter time limits and more obstacles. They've got to keep going if they want that holiday in the sun, so get crashing!

Mat booms... ‘AN ABSOLUTE CORKER!’

Acclaim's Incredible Crash Dummies smashes onto the Master System and it's an absolute corker! You should all be aware of the antics of those wacky Dummies by now. Their stunts are really popular in America and Britain could be struck down with a Crash Dummies epidemic, too.

Acclaim have pulled out all the stops. They could've gone for a straightforward platform game but opted for a fun-packed romp guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face. Sometimes it's better to let the wacky Dummies fail and watch them literally go to pieces!

Although there are only five levels to tackle, there's enough to keep any MS owner happy for a few weeks, at least. Don't you be a dummy, check out this neat game.

MAT 90%

Paul blurts... ‘LOADS OF FUN’

The idea of creating a game from various sub-games isn't new, but this is the first time it's worked on the MS. We all know how bad California Games is but that shouldn't affect our views; The Incredible Crash Dummies is a corker!

The gameplay's the same as the GG version but things are easier to see — you can recognise some of the smaller sprites. There's loads more colour splashed around, too.

It's still as tough as the hand-held version, though; make sure your MS joypad is in tip-top condition 'cos the bomb level has sensitive controls — the slightest tap on the D-pad throws your Crash Dummy around the factory!

The one problem is that Crash Dummies becomes repetitive. After you've played through each event twice, it takes commitment to play again at the same sitting. But overall, a great game and one you should consider adding to your collection.

PAUL 78%

MF Rating



One of the better MS games. If the idea appeals to you, give it a go

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Sega Master Force - Issue 1

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