What, no fries? Not for The Global Gladiators! Kitted-out with a goo gun each and a smile, they’re ready to take the world by storm. Let’s go CFC-busting! Watch out aerosols, your time is up.

Saving the world from all things slimy may be a big task, but Virgin Games have come up with the idea of cramming their platform blockbuster onto the small screen. Has it worked? You bet your milkshake froth it has!

The Game Gear version’s similar to the MS romp (see page 36). The levels are Slimeworld, the Forest, Toxitown and the Arctic Wastes. As either Mick or Mack, you must collect the McDonalds ‘M’ symbols scattered throughout each level. Grab enough and you can leave the stage — as long as you’ve located Ronald McDonald, that is!

There’s more to it than gathering the thirteenth letter of the alphabet! If you collect enough of the blighters, you enter a bonus stage. Time for a spot of recycling! Catch the litter and place each piece in the correct dustbin. Just like those aluminium recycling gizmos you see in the high street!

It’s not all plain sailing! If you don’t like slime, you’d better get out now! Balls, birds, spitters and suckers, they’re all slimy and all out to get ya! One or two well-aimed blasts of your goo gun should see ‘em right. Direct the goo with the D-button.

With all this sliming going on, you’d better not miss power-ups and useful objects en route. Clocks bump up your time, hearts pump up your energy. Walk over marker points and when you die, you start again at the last marker touched. Bounce on springs and air pockets to reach Ms in those hard to reach places.

Just think, not only is a Big Mac waiting for you at the end of it all, but there’s a flickin’ great Ice Demon who’d like to give you a good talking to! Still want to play now?!

Ade grins... ‘A CLASSY PRODUCT’

Those Global Gladiators have turned out some pretty smart stuff for all three systems. As a GG game alone, this is a corker. A classy product handheld freaks will spend many an hour playing.

It looks damn good on the small screen. The graphics are crisp and clear. Scrolllng’s fine and it’s just as playable as the other two versions. Collecting Ms isn’t all that tricky, but ousting the bad guys is a job-and-a-half.

Scour those levels from top to bottom ‘cos those symbols are in some pretty awkward places. If you miss one M, it could be the difference between leaving the level and having to retrace your steps to locate it! Not good when the sands of time are running dry!

Sound are excellent, with plenty of toe-tapping tunes and cracking sound FX.

Another quality release from Virgin. Newcomers to the handheld scene and platform addicts will love this. Diehard gamers may find it a bit easy but It’s fun while it lasts and a game you’ll want to play again anyway.

ADE 88%


Virgln’s ecological heroes have come to the small screen and I’m really glad they did! Global Gladiators is identical to the MS and MD versions so remains a great game! Master System graphics always look better on the GG screen and Global Gladiators is no exception. The crisp characters and funky sound make for a jolly handheld platform romp as you scour the landscapes, looking for the magical golden arches of McDonalds!

The difficulty level hasn’t slackened. It’s a stiff challenge to get through all the levels and defeat the end-of-game guardian, a real tough cookie.

All in all, a cracking game that deserves a place in any self-respecting, environmentally-friendly GG owner’s collection. It has great graphics, great sound and good gameplay. Not a Smash but a definite recommended purchase.

PAUL 86%

SF Rating

69 - Not too bad. Good intro sequence and a choice of playing either character
89 - Good-looking sprites and backdrops overall. Work well on the Game Gear
84 - Some stompingly good tunes! Title ditty and themes tor each stage, loadsa spot FX
85 - No problems here. Timing jumps is essential. Easy to control, doesn’t slow down
87 - More challenging than the MD game. Could be a touch easy for expert gamers


As a GG game, it’s a stunner. Maybe easy for some, but great fun and instantly playable

Out April/May
Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 17

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