Ready for hard-hitting handheld action? Reckon you can handle some of the world’s toughest boxers? Then get ready for the GG’s latest boxing game — it packs a mean punch!

What do you do when your boxing career’s nearing the end of its life? Set up a hamburger joint in LA? Buy a log cabin in the Rockies and spent the rest of your life fishing? Or put your name to a Sega boxing sim?!

Evander Holyfield’s game has two types of contest: a ranking tournament, in which you fight various boxers to earn a shot at the title, and the exhibition match, where you challenge any boxer to a one-off match. You decide the length and number of rounds, and if you’ve got a mate with a GG, you can link up and have punch-up!

You can even create your own boxer. Choose from a wide variety of faces and bodies and design his personality. You can alter his physical attributes so he delivers more punches or can keep going all night!

Before you start a fight, choose to view the game through your boxer’s eyes, so all you only see his gloves, or see all of your boxer and just your opponent’s mitts.

Punches are thrown using combinations of D-pad and both buttons. The key is to vary your moves to confuse your opponent.

After every round, the referees’ scores are displayed. Between fights, you can improve your abilities in the gym.

Can you handle Mr Holyfield?


Hands up who thought George Foreman’s Boxing was a little on the dull side. It failed to impress from the moment I played it and I resigned myself to the fact the GG couldn’t cope with a realistic boxing game.

Well I was wrong, wasn’t I?! Evander Holyfield Boxing is a fantastic boxing game which kept me glued to the GG for hours! It’s fun to play and offers a great challenge as you strive to top the rankings and beat Evander himself.

The graphics are really good. The boxers are nicely animated and the gloves move realistically so you can see what kind of punches you’re throwing. The sound’s decent, too; good FX for landing punches and a nice count by the ref when you’re on the deckl Music’s a bit naff but you’ve got a volume switch, ain’t ya?l

Gameplay impressed me the most. Moves are dead easy to execute and as soon as you suss out your favourite combinations, the action hots up. The two-player option and password facility give Evander Holyfield extra depth and lastablllty. ‘Ere, Evander, cop this... oomphh!

PAUL 80%

Ade smiles... ‘NOT A BAD SIM’

I’m not a boxing fan so I wasn’t I eager to play this. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised.

Evander Holyfield’s not a bad boxing sim and works quite well on the Game Gear, I wasn’t too taken with the perspective, mind — I like to see both boxers onscreen, not one bloke and a pair of floating glovesl

The choice of players/opponents is vast and ‘build a tough guy’ option’s a really nice inclusion. The graphics are well above average, plenty of nice moves and animation. If you play In Reverse mode — ie, your boxer’s seen in full — the visuals get a little blocky around the armpit area! Sound’s okay, with a few tunes and sparse FX.

A fairly tough boxing sim, with passwords and a tournament. Well worthy of a play if you’re a boxing fanatic.

ADE 70%

SF Rating

82 - Two-player option, exhibition and tournament fights. Create your own boxer!
77 - Good graphics throughout, especially the boxers.
70 - Average in-game tunes, good sound FX and speech
80 - Easy controls but it’s slightly contusing at first
84 - With the two-player option and tournament game, interest remains high


A cracking boxing game which has loads to offer

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Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 16

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