Two-Mega cartridge: £24.95

RELATIVES of Bruce, the Dragons are brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee. They're mean men, out to save their kidnapped girl from the clutches of a big bad gang of warriors. Beginning with a very tasteful scene where the gang leader abducts the girl, the brothers begin their rescue mission in a dark, unpleasant alleyway.

Much fist flying and face pummelling ensues as the two fighters move through each of four levels, tackling the gang's cronies along the way. A number of the ugly enemies are armed with clubs, knives, explosives and whips - all are eager to give you first hand experience of them.

A swift flying kick to the head should make enemies drop their weapon, allowing you to pick it up and use. Boxes, boulders and barrels also serve as head-bashing weapons when picked up and thrown.

As the two brothers venture deeper into enemy territory the risks increase, with bottomless pits to avoid, water to leap over and BIG black warriors to fell.

Double Dragon's best feature is the dual player facility - a partner may join in any time. On the last level however, things aren't so easy as the continue play doesn't work for the final battle.

The problem of flickering sprites on the Sega has previously been a relatively minor one. Double Dragon changes that with its colossal amount of flicker When characters move in front of one another things get very confused. Fortunately gameplay is simply terrific - playability makes Double Dragon one of the best Sega games yet.


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