A two-man ridge tent, 30 inflatable bedouins and 20 lame camels! Us Deadheads know how to prepare for a spot of oasis defending, all right!

Where do Arabs put all their money? In sandbanks! Nothing like a good joke, eh? (And that was nothing like a good joke —Dep Ed.)

Defenders Of Oasis is the latest RPG game to appear on the GG and promises to be the most involved and enjoyable romp to date. The plot’s fairly complex. Apparently there was this bloke, Ahriman, whose torch batteries ran out. Rather than replacing them and returning to the light, he joined the lads over on the dark side!

He thought himself invincible until a new hero emerged from the mists of time. Jamseed stripped Ahriman of his powers and banished him to a cell. But Ahriman sent his servant, Zahhark, to attack the kingdom of Shanadar. Jamseed was killed and once again the continent was plunged into darkness.

A thousand years later, another hero reclaimed Shanadar and restored peace. But strange rumblings have been heard around the eastern continent and trouble’s brewing. Can you, as the Prince, sort it out?

Defenders Of Oasis plays a lot like Shining In The Darkness; the combat and movement systems are virtually identical. You start your quest as a lone warrior but recruit a Genie, sailor and thief along the way!

Each character has his own traits. The Genie, for instance, is the only character who can cast spells, so treat him with respect! Loads of weapons and items can be bought and sold so you can customise your adventuring party.

You need to be a keen adventurer with loads of spare time and brain cells ‘cos Defenders Of Oasis is huge. Switch on your handheld and immerse yourself in a game full of Turkish Delight.

Paul raves... ‘THE BEST!’

Christmas is over and you’re back at school (boo!). So what do you do when your stuck in a chemistry lesson and the teacher’s waffling on about molecular mass and the density of soil?

If you’re a swot, you’ll dig out your book of molecular theory and calculate the mass to velocity ratios of a few sub-atomic particals. But if you’re a smart Sega freak, you’ll have a Game Gear stuffed in your school bag.

And if you’re even smarter, you’ll have Defenders Of Oasis stuck in the back ‘cos this is without doubt THE best RPG game on any Sega machine!

Defenders is fantastic from start to finish, both graphically and sonically. The ending’s fantastic and well worth all the battles you need to reach it.

I know what you’re thinking — it’s too easy if I’ve finished it already. Well, I’ve been playing it for two weeks solid and have only just completed it. Food, drink and sleep have all been forsaken so the quest could go uninterrupted.

Defenders wraps itself around you so you feel you’re in the middle of all the action. Hard to imagine, I know, but that little screen becomes far more absorbing than most Md games on a telly. The wealth of weapons, armour, objects and characters mixed with a highly original and entertaining plot means boredom never sets in and addiction level remains high.

Defenders Of Oasis is full of eastern promise and has a lot to offer anyone who enjoys a challenge. This is one game you simply can’t afford to miss!

PAUL 93%


It’s a funny old world! I can’t understand why RPGs are so popular in Japan. The ones we see here in the UK are crud!

I’m not a great fan of roleplayers. I cringe when I see many of the MD offerings we get in the office. So, lo and behold, it takes the humble Game Gear to turn my head. Paul’s right: Defenders Of Oasis is truly wonderful.

It has to be the most user-friendly RPG I’ve ever played. Many in the genre aren’t instantly playable and its easy to give up early, thanks to naff gameplay and graphics. Defenders Of Oasis suffers from neither of these — it’s the complete opposite.

The gameplay’s superb. Interacting with characters is great. Each and every one has something to say!

Watch out for vital clues. You sometimes have to read between the lines.

The graphics are ace. They’re all well defined and colourful. It’s easy to see who’s who, for a change. Check out the intro and animated sequences in between levels. Not only do they tell the story, the visuals are superb.

Using weapons and fighting battles is plain and simple. No messing around with loadsa crappy menus, just press a couple of buttons and you’re away!

The sonics are some of the best I’ve heard spout outta the Game Gear. They’re loud, change for each level and add a good atmosphere.

If you’re an RPG nut, this is one for your collection. If you aren’t but are tempted to join the merry throng, you can’t go wrong with this. Truly enjoyable!

ADE 87%


If you get hold of this mega RPG (a wise choice!), helps already at hand! Tipsmaster PAUL WOODING has hints and advice to set you on the right track.

Fighting Tips

When you first start scrapping, don’t be afraid to run away; it’s often better to chicken out and survive rather than go for glory and die.

All the enemies who attack the castle at the start are easily killed, but they gradually wear your energy down so make sure you keep visiting resistance headquarters for rest and buy loads of herbs boost your energy.

Always use the Prince to attack, never let the others do the leg work. Use Saleem’s Dance of Death to knock damage off all enemies. Agmar’s best tactic is to hide then assault the enemy from behind (a-hem!). If successful, a lot of damage is caused (I’ll bet! -Sub Ed).

The Genie can cause major damage to weaker enemies using fists alone. Against stronger opponents it’s best to let him block attacks and use his spells to help keep other characters going while fighting.


There are loads of weapons to buy and find. Some are naff, others really powerful. Each character has got their specific weapon and below are what I reckon are the best for each bloke.



Only the Genie can cast spells so make sure you keep him out of harm’s way. Most of his spells are useful, though some of his attack spells aren’t worth wasting your MPs on. Below are some of his more useful spells and their effects.

increases chosen character’s health by 20
increases the party’s heath
removes objects which block the party’s path
casts an escape spell to allow the party to flee battle
removes the Genie from battle to increase magic points
transports the party to a chosen destination

General Tips

Talk to everyone. Mostly they just make small talk but some people have valuable information to give.

Don’t take anything for granted. People aren’t what they seem and walls aren’t always impassable. Try every nook and cranny before you leave a level.

The holy herb’s well worth stocking up on since it restores a hundred health points.

The pillow is a head garment which restores a character’s health points to full — by sending them to sleep in the middle of a battle! GULP!

The posionar is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike!

And finally, one slight cheat. If you’re getting panned in the middle of a fight, turn the GG off then back on and continue your game. When you restart, you’re in the position you were before the fight. Since most fights are random, you can avoid the previous scrap!

SF Rating

85% - Great intro sequence and shots in between levels. Save, delete, copy, continue options
90% - Great atmospheric tattings. Good sprites and backdrops — colourful and nicely detailed
85% - Some of the best sounds we’ve heard. Oriental ditties alter according to level
91% - Instantly playable! Talking to characters, battles and solving puzzles is great Very user-friendly
86% - Not the hardest of RPGs but great fun. Took Paul ten days’ solid play to reach the last level


Truly wonderful roleplaying game. Plenty to keep you guessing. Buy it!

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 15

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