Crystal warriors? Sounds more like Pan’s People to me! A bunch of fairies running around with sharp pointy sticks? Seems like a drag, right? MATT YEO disagrees!

I know what you’re thinking: ‘AAAGGHHH! Not another RPG!’ Well hold your horses ‘cos it’s not too bad. It you can stand hanging around with people called Frye, Dayne and Eldor (where do they get these names from?), this is your lucky day!

It’s the usual story. A wimpy magic kingdom is invaded by marauding hordes (yeah!). They nick off with three magic crystals but the fourth has done a disappearing act.

Grym, a nasty piece of work, sends his army to get the last crystal. Apparently, Princess Iris has taken the flipping thing on holiday with her! With the help of trusty followers, she sets out to get the

Not only can you do some major butt-kicking on your own, this is a two-player game as well! Link up with another Game Gear and you’re away!

In your element

Start by choosing a new game or an old one — the cart has a handy battery back-up. More games should have this nifty option.

You begin by looking down at a map. There are six characters to begin off with but more to pick up later. Each character has magic, weapons and hit points. These vary, so figure out who’s the best at what. Players are related to one of the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind or Frankie Valli… er, yeah.

Move your players, one at a time, across the land to the next city. As usual, there are heaps of ugly mothers eager to turn you into chopped liver. Try to use the right character against the right opponent — Fire can be beaten with Water, Water by Wind and all that.

Slaughtering monsters is a grand idea as you get to use them in battle next time. Send the little suckers off to die as you sneak off for 40 winks! Hack a few baddies, grab their goodies and run like the clappers!

Get to a town for a quick breather and extra supplies. The towns are stocked with weapons, spells and new characters to use. Saving the game at the Inn let’s you carry on from there later.

The graphics are bearable, with simple backgrounds and colours. The players have a Japanese Manga look (ie, big eyes, no brains) and move as if they’ve got dreadful piles! Ouch!

Soundwise Crystal Warriors has the usual dismal tune (the Game Gear’s capable of great sound, why don’t programmers use it?!), though the effects are realistic enough as you plunge your blade into a hapless victim.

As adventures go this is fairly frolic-free but does have its good points: loads of characters to use, enemies to defeat and towns to explore. These put Crystal Warriors a touch ahead of the competition.

If you fancy a change from all those platform games, get your mitts on this! It’s great to play and you’ll tear your hair out in frustration, but it’ll be worth it!



SF Rating

65% - Loads of characters, battery back-up
69% - Teeny tiny sprites, slow movement
45% - Dull tune, spot effects
70% - Menu system; learn to use characters
72% - Makes you come back for more


A decent RPG with loads to do!

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 07

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